Tata Nexon Falls 70ft Down The Hill, Driver Walks Out Uninjured

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 26/07/2020
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Tata Nexon has proved of its build quality in various crash reports from across the country, but this one kept the owner safe, while the engine broke into two pieces and doors got jammed.

Road accidents can be fatal at times. More people have died last year in road accidents than total deaths in the country due to the ongoing pandemic. Like a good mask used with a certain set of precautions can save you from getting infected, a safe car driven with complete attention can keep you away from a mishap. Here’s a video that we came across on YouTube, and is good enough to back us up on our statement. The video was uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. In the video, a set of pictures can be seen, which showcases a damaged Tata Nexon. This pre-facelift model of the Tata Nexon met with an accident while it was on its way back to Bhopal from Pachmarhi.

During the course, the Nexon slipped off the road into a ditch and crashed into a tree around 20 meters down the road. The impact was so severe that the chassis of the car collapsed, while the engine broke away in two pieces. The windshield shattered as well, and the roof went for a toss. As a result, all four doors of the car got jammed.


Tata Nexon Hit By Truck, All Safe

Since the owner was wearing the seat belt at the time of the incident, the airbags deployed, the pre-tensioners worked, and he remained uninjured. The consequence of the collision was critical, but the dashboard or the steering wheel didn’t move towards the driver. Thus, he further avoided any injuries in his torso.

Tata Nexon Falls 70ft Down The Hill, Driver Walks Out Uninjured

The owner of the car claims that the insurance company declared the car a total loss, but he got it repaired since he started loving it even more now. However, we would add that it is a bad decision to get a car repaired when it has suffered damages to such an extent. Although we are aware of the fact that Nexon is a strong car, it gets a 5-star G-NCAP crash test rating and comes with a set of safety equipment as standard fitment across the range. But, that doesn’t help in getting away with the fact that a severely damaged chassis can never be brought back into its original form.

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