Tata Nexon Plays Around in Dunes, Outperforms a Mercedes-Benz SUV

by Jatin Chhibber | 15/10/2020
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Here’s a video that showcases a Tata Nexon going dune bashing and outperforming a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

The craze of off-roading and dune bashing has been rapidly increasing among enthusiasts in the country. The SUV owners take part in such activities to examine the capabilities of their vehicle. Many groups in India organize such off-road trips for SUV owners. If you don't have any proper guidance for such activities, the chances of you getting stuck are pretty high. Moreover, it can also get quite dangerous for you if you don’t know the proper technique. Here’s a recent video, which shows a Tata Nexon excelling the art of dune bashing, while a Mercedes SUV gets stuck.

This video has been uploaded by a YouTube channel named Lokesh Swami. The video shows a few Mahindra Thar and Toyota Fortuner having fun in sand dunes. After dune bashing for some time, the group stops, and then the vlogger moves towards one of the group members with an unusual car. That guy was dune bashing in his Tata Nexon, which is a 2WD SUV. The Nexon owner puts reverse gear and takes the SUV to climb a dune. The chances of getting the Tata SUV stuck were pretty high if the car runs out of momentum. Therefore, he first builds the revs, and then, starts rolling the SUV. He keeps the SUV in lower gears by which he can easily get out of loose sand.


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It’s quite surprising to see a Tata Nexon effortlessly going via sand dunes. In this video, dune bashing with Nexon looks pretty easy, but it does not mean that anyone can do it. Tata Nexon is a 2WD car and off-roading in this SUV depends on the skills of the driver. In the video, one can also see a bogged Mercedes-Benz ML-Class in the sand dunes. And, it seems like the Merc people were alone, which is extremely dangerous. If the vlogger and his group were not present at that place, those guys would have been stuck alone in the dunes. So, it is advised to always try to go in groups or with proper back-up on such off-road trips.

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