Tata Safari Falls 30 Feet Down The Road, All 6 Passenger Walk Out Safely

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 20/07/2020
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While the newer Tata products boast 4- and 5-star crash test ratings, the old ones haven't got any. But, they are proving their mettle in mishaps. Here's a Tata Safari that fell 30-ft down the road, while keeping all of its passengers safe.

Tata Safari is one of the few most important products that the carmaker has sold in the Indian market. It was first launched in the year 1998 as an affordable substitute to the expensive SUVs like Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Land Cruiser. Tata Motors sold the Safari in the Indian car market until last year. As the car failed to adhere to the new pedestrian safety norms and emission compliances, the carmaker pulled the plug on its production. However, Safari is considered as a safe car in most aspects. At least, it has proved itself to be in various crashes, which were shared by the owners on social media platforms. Here’s one that we came across, where a Tata Safari Dicor fell off the road in a dried-up canal bed, 30-ft below the road.

Interestingly, the accident reported zero casualties. The mishap took place when the Safari was cruising at speeds of around 100-110 kmph. And, the driver of the SUV saw a truck coming towards the car from the opposite direction, while he was negotiating a left-hander. In a bid to save the car from a head-on collision, the driver manoeuvred the car towards the left side, and thus it fell off the road into a dried canal bed, 30-ft down the road. During the event, the SUV suffered major damages to its front-end and its roof.


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The owner claims that the Safari rolled-over a few times before coming to a stop in an upside-down position. However, the car had its engine running while it turned turtle. At the time of the accident, there were a total of 6 passengers in the car, and all of them walked out of the car themself with no critical injury.

Tata Safari Falls 30 Feet Down The Road, All 6 Passenger Walk Out Safely

Also, the car was brought back home by towing it with another vehicle as the suspension and the wheels were in working condition. Nevertheless, the car’s structure was completely damaged in this accident. The extent of damages was so severe that it could not be repaired again, but it saved the occupants from a fatal accident. Therefore, the owner got himself another Safari within a couple of days from the accident. That said, it came from the used car market since the carmaker is not selling new ones anymore.

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