Here's Why We Feel India is NOT READY for Tesla Cars

by Mohammed Burman | 23/09/2020
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A Tesla driver was recently charged for dangerous driving while sleeping when the car was operating at a speed of 140 kmph in AutoPilot mode on the highway. Through such incidents, we wonder if Indian drivers are ready for Tesla cars

Tesla and its Autopilot feature have often made it to the headlines. In one recent bizarre incident in Alberta, Canada, a Tesla driver was arrested for sleeping when driving at 140 mph in AutoPilot mode on the highway.

Here's Why We're Unsure if India is Ready for Tesla Cars

A detailed report about the case says that the driver was only 20-year-old and his license was suspended for fatigue. The report further stated: “Although manufacturers of new vehicles have built-in safeguards to prevent drivers from taking advantage of the new safety systems in vehicles, those systems are just that – supplemental safety systems.” Noteworthily, Tesla vehicles are not packed with automatic driving technologies and the driver still take the responsibility for driving the car.

tesla driver arrested for falling asleep when driving

Recently, a Tesla driver has been arrested for driving at 140kmph while sleeping.


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Tesla users are actually not recommended to fully use the AutoPilot feature. Furthermore, Tesla cars also come with numerous reminders which require the driver to control the steering wheel on a regular basis. Nevertheless, many drivers go to any lengths to abuse the system, which has also led to some serious accidents. Many insurance companies have also pointed out that self-driving and automatic vehicles are required to be rebranded so that the automation level is made clear to a potential customer and regrettable incidents can be prevented.

A Tesla car crashes into two patrol cars when the driver was watching a movie.

We can see that even in foreign countries where the drivers’ traffic disciplines are miles better than those of the Indian drivers, such serious accidents occur quite frequently. Considering this, we wonder how Indian drivers, who are quite infamous for not paying two hoots to traffic rules, would behave with such sophisticated self-driving machinery at their disposal. This is one of the primary reasons why we are not ready for Tesla cars in India. Given the poor driving etiquettes, pitiable road conditions and laxity that's often displayed by the cops, Tesla cars could be a tad too much to handle for many Indian drivers. What do you think? 

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