This Bollywood Actor Has Been Living in his Maruti Swift Dzire for 3 Years

by Jatin Chhibber | 20/09/2020
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Bollywood actor Dishant Gulliyan has been living in his car for the past 3 years to save money. Read on for full details

In India, if a person feels that he’s creative or wants to enter in an artistic field, he prefers entering the entertainment industry, which is also known as Bollywood. But, this profession is full of struggle because of the cut-throat competition. Every year, lakhs of people goes to Mumbai to try their luck. Dishant Gulliyan is among those hundreds of thousands of people who went to the city of dreams to make his mark in the entertainment industry. The surprising part of Dishant’s struggle is that he was living his life in a very unusual way. The struggling actor lived in a Maruti Swift Dzire for the last three years. He has been modelling for a few popular brands in India like Raymonds, Wills Lifestyle, Manyawar and Fab India. He was last seen in a recent Netflix movie ‘Gunjan Saxena’. 


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Moreover, he has won the title of Mr Delhi in 2012.  After getting popular in Delhi, his hometown. The actor decided to try his luck in Mumbai. When he first landed in Mumbai, after being insisted from a few of his acquaintances. The actor found himself helpless as there was no one to receive him at the airport. He spent almost a day at the airport till someone came to him and arranged accommodation for him. Afterwards, he started looking out for work to afford is basic expenses. In a few months, he decided to buy a car and he started saving money.



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Mumbai is one of the most expensive cities in India. As soon as his landlord told him to start looking out for new accommodation, he thought about living in his second hand Swift Dzire and save money to spend it on the other joys of life. Initially, it was not that easy, but soon he started enjoying staying inside his car. He has customized his Maruti Swift Dzire in such a way that the rear second-row seats gets converted to a cosy bed to sleep on after a hectic day. There is also a separate compartment for shoes. He has built a small cute wardrobe too in his car to keep all the necessary stuff.

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