This Has To Be The Most Extreme Maruti Omni Ever Seen

by Mohammed Burman | 04/07/2019
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Recently, a Maruti Omni that has been modified into a wild beast by Indi Garage and Holyshift has come to light. Here are all the details and images

After a more-than-30-year life cycle, the iconic Maruti Omni managed to record enough sales number before it was finally discontinued. While the vehicle fails to attract attention on the roads, thanks to its boring design and a spartan cabin with a great utility prowess, the Omni has been a popular vehicle with small business owners who have to transport a limited amount of commodities in a short period of time.

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Moreover, it has also gained the notorious title “Kidnapping car” due to its sliding doors. You might have caught sight of it being utilized as a pizza delivery car or an ambulance but certainly not as an off-road monster. Recently, with the creativity and skills of Indi Garage and Holyshift, the largest auto manufacturer’s iconic vn has been transformed into a wild beast.

2019 Maruti Gymny blue front angle

The Maruti Omni been modified into an off-road beast by Indi Garage and Holyshift.

Actually, the modified Omni gets some elements from the Maruti Gypsy; therefore, the customized vehicle gets a new name: Maruti Gymni, which is derived from Omni and Gypsy. The mod job here is not a normal one since it has entirely altered the appearance and the operation of the Maruti Omni.

2019 Maruti Gymny front

The Maruti Gymny is the combination between the Omni and the Gypsy.

Since the original vehicle is a very old Maruti Omni, so the modders needed to repair its body by using metal parts to remove the rust. The Gymni has borrowed the chassis from the Omni. However, the engine of the Omni has been replaced with a 1.0-litre motor from the Gypsy. While the Gypsy comes with a 4WD system, this Omni is a rear-wheel driven vehicle. However, the Gypsy’s rear off-set differential has been used in a customized state, while the transmission tunnel has been aligned to the centre of the vehicle.

The modified Maruti Omni also has a much more rugged differential, which can help the vehicle carry more weight. In order to properly position the aftermarket tyres, spacers have been utilized; the track in the front and the rear have also been widened. This helps the Omni become more steady on the road. To house the Maxxis off-road spec tyres, the wheel arches of the Omni have been customized. Spacers are used for the suspension to increase the ride height.

2019 Maruti Ggymny side profile

Many alterations have been done to the vehicle to properly position the off-road tyres.

The Gypsy is equipped with LED headlamps, a large front bull bar, six auxiliary lamps, fog lights and an off-road rooftop. A small rack has been added to the rear of the vehicle, which becomes useful when a bike or any other objects need to be carried. The rear windows and doors are protected with metals. The occupants are also ensured a safe journey, especially when the vehicle is taking a mad corner, climbing a steep slope or tackling any other hard terrains, thanks to the external roll cage.

2019 Maruti Gymny blue rear angle

A small rack has been equipped to the Omni to increase its practicality.

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All of these alterations have turned the regular Maruti Omni into an extreme monster, which can intimidate people whenever and wherever it appears. If you are interested in the modified vehicles in India, pay a visit to IndianAuto, What do you think about the above Maruti Gymni? Let us know in the comment section below.

[Image source: Holy Shift]

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