This Maruti Ciaz Was Successful In Crossing The Dangerous Himalayan Terrain

by Mohammed Burman | 23/05/2019
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The Maruti Ciaz is not made for off-road travelling. However, with some carefulness and driving skills, you can still drive it through challenging terrains. Watch this video to see how this mid-size sedan overcomes the challenge.
Here is a video that shows the Maruti Ciaz crossing the harsh demography in Gramphu, Himachal Pradesh, which is located on the Ladakh from Manali and also on the Spiti Vallet crossroads. The roads to the mountains are well-known for the “Nullah” which are also known as water crossings. The roads are positioned at high altitudes; therefore, the snow melting on the mountain peaks melts and creates a water stream which flows across the roads. The stream creates a rocky surface in water crossings all over the roads to the mountains.

The Maruti Ciaz has successfully crossed the dangerous Himalayas

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The first obstacle, which is a shallow water crossing full of hard rocks, is a piece of cake for vehicles with high ground clearance. However, for the ones with low high clearance, it is a serious challenge. For your information, the ground clearance of the Maruti Ciaz measures only 170 mm. Stones are used to make sure that the Ciaz gradually goes down into the bad terrains and its underbody is not hit badly. At first, the Ciaz sedan meets difficulty in overcoming the obstacle, but finally, it manages to do it. On the other hand, as per the video, the Mahindra Bolero Pick-Up, with very high ground clearance, can cross the rough terrains without any problems.

maruti ciaz silver front angular

The first obstacle caused the Ciaz some problems but cannot prevent it from crossing.

The second obstacle for the Maruti Ciaz is to go through a deep water crossing. Unlike the previous challenge, this time, it manages to overcome the challenge without much support and difficulty. These water crossings with the hard road surface under the water are very dangerous. Many motorists have great difficulties in travelling through such obstacles since the front wheels can deviate. Cars are faced with the same problem but they are more stable so can be controlled more easily.

maruti ciaz silver front

The Maruti Ciaz overcomes the second obstacle quite easily.

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Such harsh terrains are quite popular in the area. This makes the roads one of the most perilous ones in the whole nation. Off-roaders have a tendency to choose SUVs or cars with a 4X4 drive system when they want to cross such difficult terrains. Driving a sedan or hatchback through such rough terrains is not impossible but requires great caution, skills and experience. The driver of the Maruti Ciaz has done an excellent job in handling the Ciaz through both the obstacles.

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