This Modified Maruti Omni Is More "BADASS" Than Kia Seltos

by Jatin Chhibber | 31/07/2020
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This highly customized Maruti Omni looks extremely good and employs a lot of aftermarket parts.

Last year, India’s biggest carmaker Maruti Suzuki discontinued the Omni after 35 years of service. Once, it was the top-selling car in Maruti’s portfolio, and many people across the country were very intrigued by its high practicality. However, since there are no proper vans available in our market anymore, car enthusiasts across India modify the Omni van to make it look more interesting and continue having a high street presence. Here's an example of a modified Omni wherein the modifier has transformed the decent looking van into an impressive looking car.


Here's the Most Radically Modified Maruti Omni Ever


This Maruti Omni has been modified by Carbon Automotive for Jaasim Bin Abdul Rashid. Talking about the customizations, Carbon Automotive has tried to keep the DNA of the regular Omni van alive by not changing its shape. Nevertheless, the customizations made on the car makes it seem like the van is from the future. The modifier has completely changed the front fascia of the car. Upfront, it gets custom made aftermarket bumper along with custom made headlamps. It now features projector units with angle eyes, which glow red. This gives a new identity to the Maruti Omni, especially when trodding in the dark.


The side profile of the car employs a new skid plate and classy looking aftermarket alloy wheels along with wide low-profile tyres. This makes the car look extremely good and mesmerizing. Moreover, the Omni has been lowered by quite a bit, which enhances the sporty quotient of the van. The roof of the car features a luggage carrier that can be used to keep extra stuff while going on long trips. The rear profile of the car gets customized bumper along with four exhaust pipes coming out.



This Has To Be The Most Extreme Maruti Omni Ever Seen

The exhaust mufflers you see here are faux units as the original exhaust pipe now comes out from the left side of the car. Not a lot of modifications have been made inside the car. All that the interior of this highly customized Maruti Omni gets is an all-red theme. It gets three-row seating with pilot seats in the middles along with a bench in the last row. 

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