This One-of-a-kind Note On Incorrectly Parked Honda City Is SWEET REVENGE!

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 26/08/2019
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Drivers in India can be seen parking their cars erroneously, and let others suffer because of their sheer absurdity. To avoid them doing so, society has accepted to a fashion of putting up 'No Parking' boards at their gates, but something interesting happened in Kolkata when a petrol head stuck a notice to the defaulter's car, which would have let the defaulter feel a little ashamed about his art of parking. Let's give this post a read to understand what happened and what could have been the co

India is a country of 1.3 Billion people and 43,200 km of roads. These are some big figures but sadly, our contribution to improving road ethics and etiquettes leaves a lot to be desired. Cars making overtaking moves from left, tractors on expressways, vehicles coming towards you darted in the wrong lane, trucks slowly cruising in the overtaking lane and blocking the traffic are common sights on Indian highways. And then, there's also so much chaos experienced in the city by maniacs, who cut into your lanes, honk unnecessarily and park their cars just about anywhere.

Most Indian drivers lack driving ethics and their parking sense is rather conspicuous by absence. One can spot a handful of witlessly parked cars even on the street he or she lives in. There will be cars blocking the gateways of other houses, diagonally parked cars taking space of 2 or more vehicles, some parked midway on the streets obstructing the traffic, and the likes. These are the reasons people come up with ideas to put up boards on the gates reading, “Do not park in front of the gate” or “No Parking”. Often, we have seen residents getting aggressive with the drivers of wrongly parked cars. While we don't support any sort of violence, the irritation of the house owners is rather understandable. 

A similar incident recently took place in Kolkata when a Honda City owner parked his car outside the house of one Sourish Meryson. The car was parked in such a way that it eventually blocked the gate of the house, thereby preventing Sourish from taking his car out of the driveway. While house owners often resort to extreme measures in such situations, like puncturing the tires of the illegally parked car, Sourish had a better idea to teach the driver of the City a lesson. He stuck a note on the car’s windshield that read - “I own a car but, I do not have the basic parking sense”.

Now, even with a quick read of this crisp message, the car owner would have understood the 'perks' of lacking the basic parking sense. The house owner definitely deserves to be applauded for not venting out his frustration by damaging the car or having a heated argument with the City's driver, 

It is important to understand, that parking vehicle in such doltish manner does not always lead to such messages stuck on your windshield; instead one might have to even end up paying heavy fines or having his car towed away.

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The section 15, Rules of the road regulations of Motor Vehicle Act, India claims that, “Every driver of a motor vehicle parking on any road shall park in such a way that it does not cause or is not likely to cause danger, obstruction or undue inconvenience to other road users and if the manner of parking is indicated by any signboard or markings on the roadside, he shall park his vehicle in such manner”.

Drivers can refrain themselves from fines and hullabaloo of the legal actions by avoiding to park their vehicles,

  • At or near a bend, humpbacked bridge, road crossing, or top of a hill.
  • On a foot-path.
  • Near a pedestrian crossing or traffic light.
  • On a main road, highway, or one carrying fast traffic.
  • Opposite to another parked vehicle or as an obstruction to other vehicles.
  • Beside another parked vehicle.
  • On roads or at places or roads where there is a continuous white line with or without a broken line.
  • Near a school, bus stop or hospital entrance or fire hydrant or blocking a traffic sign or entrance to premises.
  • On the wrong side of the road.
  • In no-parking zone or where parking is legally prohibited.
  • Away from the edge of the footpath.

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What are the penalties for wrong parking?

The vehicles which are found to be parked in and around no parking zone are liable to pay fines against the challans issued by the traffic police. If the vehicle is parked in a public place which is not designated as parking premises for vehicles or causes impediment to the traffic flow, the owner can face legal action. Any uniformed traffic constable from the local police force has the rights to either get the vehicle towed away or clamp the wheel, after which the vehicle owner will have to pay a towing/clamping charge of up to Rs 400 along with a heavy penalty for parking illegally. In addition to that, a fine of rupees 50 per hour is charged for the duration for which the vehicle was left unattended. And these penalizing parameters also implies to the vehicles experiencing a break-down, as even they are required to be towed by the owners to a safe zone. Even for the cases where the vehicle has met with an accident and is not operational, no relaxation is provided whatsoever.

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One can be penalized under the Section 122 – leaving the vehicle in a dangerous position, Section 15 – wrong parking of the vehicle, Section 201 – penalty for causing obstruction to free flow of traffic, Section 127 – non-removal of vehicles abandoned or left unattended on roads, of Motor Vehicle Act, 1998, for leaving a car parked incorrectly 


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