Top 10 Reliable 'Fast and Furious' Cars - Acura Integra to Ferrari F355 Spider

by IndianAuto Team | 29/06/2019
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The ‘Fast and Furious’ cars always lead us to breathtaking scenes. However, have you ever wondered how durable the vehicle in the films are? Check the article for the most reliable cars in the series.

Previously, IndianAuto introduced to our dear readers the most iconic Fast and Furious stars and which cars they use in real life. This time, you are going to learn something also related to the famous series. When watching thrilling crash or racing scenes of ‘Fast and Furious’ cars, most of us must have at least one time wonder how those poor luxurious, as well as casual vehicles, could help their drivers overcome the verge of death. Many will assume that the drivers are extremely lucky and have outstanding driving skills. However, there is one very important factor that you may leave behind, the durability of those cars. And in this article, IndianAuto once again companions with you to enter the world of Fast and Furious to find out the most durable cars in the films.

1st Rank: 1994 Acura Integra

1994 Acura Integra

The flaming red outer of the Acura Integra resembles the fiery racing battles in 'Fast and Furious'.

As compared to its Honda Civic opponent, the most durable ‘Fast and Furious’ car in this list, 1994 Acura Integra, is also unbelievably reliable. In the series, Edwin gives the viewers breathtaking scenes by driving it recklessly and he also loads it with excellent aftermarket parts. Despite its long lifespan, the retrofitted Acura Integra is a perfectly balanced automobile with a buttery transmission; moreover, it can outdo the capability initially prescribed at the factory. Today, the vehicle is enthusiastically acclaimed as one of the most genuine Japanese cars during the late 20th century and the early 21st century. Besides its temporal transcendent outfit, people recognise the Integra because of various key elements such as durability, ruggedness, reliability under every circumstance.

2nd Rank: 1993 Honda Civic EJ1

1993 Honda Civic

If the Honda Civic swifts in the dark, the afterimages of the car's lights are all people can see.

Among the ‘Fast and Furious’ cars, the rival of Acura Integra, Honda Civic, take a special role as the introductory cars to the gang of Toretto. Thanks to the huge upgrades for the well-known reliable engines in the Honda Civics, a horde of cool black vehicles effortlessly slides under tremendously large trucks. In reality, the 1993 Honda Civic is still seen on the road today, which show excellent durability and a strong endurance of the car towards the corrosive effect of time.

3rd Rank: 1999 Nissan Maxima

1999 Nissan Maxima

1999 Nissan Maxima takes the third position in this list.

Nissan is famous for one of the most reliable manufacturers, and so do their cars have the same characteristics. Although the 1999 Nissan Maxima is highly reliable, it appears only in the first movie when driven by Vince. In spite of its absence from the rest movies in the series, the Nissan Maxima still stands out thanks to the bright blue body with fantastic fire marks on the sides.

4th Rank: 1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33

1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33

Maybe the 1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 can actually reach the skyline.

Just like the previous 1993 Nissan’s automobile, the 1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 has a limited amount of scenes. However, that’s unlikely in history as it made a huge wave during the olden days. Back to the series, it is one of the ‘Fast and Furious’ cars driven by Leon, who works as a reconnaissance agent later on after taking it to Toretto's cafe. Similar to the 1994 Toyota Supra MK IV, the Skyline’s engine is extremely fast and reliable.

5th Rank: 2000 Honda S2000

2000 Honda S2000

The 2000 Honda S2000 can be one of the most remarkable cars in the last year of the 20th century.

The 2000 Honda S2000 is one of the majors in the series’ storyline. It first appears in Johnny Tran’s garage, where Toretto finds out it misses an important engine. After that, during the Race Wars, Johnny bet the pink Honda against Jesse in order to win his Volkswagen Jetta. At that time, Brian O'Connor estimates the value of some aftermarket parts under the 2000 Honda’s hood should be no lesser than $100,000. In the end, without any doubt, thanks to the NOS (Nitrous Oxide System) the 2000 Honda S2000 defeats Jesse's Jetta.

6th Rank: 1994 Toyota Supra MK IV

1994 Toyota Supra MK IV

This orange beast is not a normal 'creature' that you can underestimate.

About Brian, he also possesses an iconic and reliable car in ‘Fast and Furious’. The 1994 Toyota Supra MK IV is the vehicle helps define who is Brian O’Conner. In the movie, O'Connor makes use of the legendary beast, JZ engine. With this monster, he seems to be unbeatable on the streets and in any race. The secret lies behind this powerful car is that the engines originated as one among the most legendary Japanese machines throughout the automotive design history.

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7th Rank: 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

The car must have been better if it had looked like an eclipse.

The 7th ranked ‘Fast and Furious’ car in terms of durability again belongs to… Brian O’Conner. It is the Mitsubishi Eclipse that helps Brian O'Conner race against Toretto. Although he practised racing a lot in the Dodger Stadium’s parking lot, he still couldn’t keep the car from spinning. Despite the imperfect driving skills, he still joined the street race so that he could have Toretto’s favour. However, Mitsubishi Eclipse’s intake manifold was likely to melt in the middle due to excessive use of the NOS. Because of this event, some people consider the car is relatively useless in the series; nevertheless, in reality, we can still see the Mitsubishi Eclipse running on roads today, which shows a highly reliable feature of the 1995 automobile.

8th Rank: 1996 Mazda RX-7

1996 Mazda RX-7

The 1996 Mazda RX-7 could have been better with a piston engine.

To race against O’Conner for the first time, Toretto chose the 1996 Mazda RX-7 to compete with the 7th ranked Mitsubishi Eclipse. In the series, the Mazda was updated with a twin turbo and a rotary engine, both of which couldn’t be seen in the factory version, However, it could have been more reliable if the novel but not quite efficient idea of using the pistonless engine.

9th Rank: 1999 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

1999 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

Despite being a pickup truck, 1999 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning is considered one of the most reliable vehicle.

Brian O'Connor seems to be a person having the best taste in cars as he continually possesses the most durable ‘Fast and Furious’ cars. The 9th ranked 1999 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, which is not a racing car, was driven by O'Conner when he had the first communication with Dominic Toretto’s gang. Although the Ford Lightning is one of the most reliable cars in the films, its reliability is lesser than the rest because later models often came with some issues.

10th Rank: Ferrari F355 Spider

The Ferrari F355 Spider

The Ferrari Spider cannot win against the Toyota Supra beast in terms of durability.

A horse and a spider in the same car? The Ferrari F355 Spider is another minor automobile among the ‘Fast and Furious’ cars. When seeing the Ferrari, Brian asked the owner how much it is and the man stated that Brian could not afford it. After a conversation, they agreed that Brian could have gotten the car if he had won a race. The Ferrari F355 Spider is indeed fast and expensive, but it is the least reliable in this list due to its exotic design.

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