Top 5 Best Car Leasing Companies in India

by Vivaan Khatri | 18/12/2020
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If you are not ready to spend a huge amount of money to invest in owning a car, you can opt to lease a car instead. Here is the list of best car leasing companies in India.

Car ownership is usually regarded as the only way to avail a car for personal commuting purposes on daily basis. As the market is developing, there are other alternatives to traditional car ownership. One viable option is to seek service from car leasing companies. Car leasing is also a highly recommended solution if you are not ready to invest a huge amount of money into purchasing a new car.

tiny-car-with keys and money

Car leasing is a number alternative to traditional car ownership

Recently, some car manufacturers have also tapped into the car leasing business and introduced their own attractive schemes that offer leasing solution for some select models on their line-ups. Under these programs, the clients can lease cars at a monthly cost and in most cases, down payment is not required. Apart from the leasing services provided by authorized car brands, there are also independent companies participating in the car leasing business. Here we will list out the biggest car leasing companies in India.

What are the benefits of car leasing?

With the leasing service, customers don’t have to worry about the vehicle depreciation when reselling cars. Car leasing offers customers an easy way to own a car without having to deal with buying and selling procedure as well as the complicated paperwork related to the insurance and taxation of a car. The car leasing companies will take care of these time-consuming and complex processes and free you from the hassle of conventional car ownership.


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5 best car leasing companies in India

If you are interested in car leasing, here is the list of leading car leasing companies in India.

Avis Budget

Avis Budget is an international company which is currently operating leasing services across 170 countries around the globe. The company is considered one of the largest and most popular automotive leasing brands in the world. Avis Budget joined the Indian market 16 years ago.

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Avis Budget

Avis Budget is offering various car leasing solution, comprising of both short-term and low-term mobility for customers.  Avis Rent a Car is providing rental services of premium cars. It is offering 2500 premium cars for leasing. The company has established more than 50 rental stations across 20 cities.

ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive is a car leasing and fleet managing company originated from French. The company has been presented in 26 countries in the international market. In Europe, ALD Automotive ranked first among the car leasing corporations in terms of contract number. Established in 2005 in India, the ALD Automotive is now the leading company working in the automotive mobility business. The company is offering fleet management and leasing solutions for more than 900 corporate clients in India. ALD has established a strategic partnership with major car brands like Hyundai and Citreon.

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ALD Automotive

The leasing company also established a network of workshops and collaborated with third-party companies to provide services for their customers. Services like insurance, maintenance, roadside assistant, fleet management and relief car are all covered by ALD.

Lease Plan

Lease Plan ranks among the top car leasing company in India. Started its business in India back in 1999, Lease Plan is a highly trusted provider of vehicle acquisition and fleet management solutions. The company has branches located in major cities like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

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Lease Plan is providing are leasing solutions for feet on the streets, light commercial vehicles, senior management, CTC car plan and mobility aggregators. The company is offering leasing services including Acquiring and Leasing Fleets, Fleet Policy Advice, Insurance Management, Vehicle Pick & Drop, Tyre Management, Maintenance & Repairs, Replacement Cars, and LeasePlan Assist.


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Orix India

ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Ltd (OAIS) was launched in 1995 as the Indian subsidiary of ORIX Corporation in Japan. The major services offered by OAIS are Operating Lease, My Choice – Self Drive Cars, Rent a Car, Business Transportation Solution and Mobility Solution.

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Orix Lease

The company later established the ORIX Leasing & Financial Services Indian Limited which focuses more on the financial services like Finance Lease, Equipment Leasing, Business Transportation Solution and Mobility Solutions. After over two decades, the company has developed a strong team of over 1,000 employees and more than 20 offices across the country.

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