Top 5 Ridiculous Rules That Rolls Royce Makes People Follow

by IndianAuto Team | 28/05/2019
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In the case of luxury car manufacturers, a lot of times it is the company that demands the customers to do certain things, not the other way around. Let’s see what Rolls Royce asks for from a car owner (and employees, too).

Rolls-Royce is a British luxury car company that was established in 1998. Since then, the cars from Rolls-Royce have always been a statement of power, wealth, and style. While almost every person tries their hardest to own at least 1 Rolls-Royce or at some point to have a real-life experience on a Rolls-Royce car. That said, despite the cars being extremely expensive and the owners of the cars being powerful and rich people, Rolls-Royce does not backtrack on the rules that it asks of car owners. The strict rules of Rolls-Royce are endless, but in this article, let’s check out top 3 outrageous rules that the company has for the car buyers and top 2 rules that apply to the employees.


1. Once your car is maintained or repaired at an unauthorised place, Rolls Royce can deny working on your car

Each car produced by the British automobile manufacturer is highly customised and is of top-notch quality, which the company is super proud of. Therefore, to maintain the value and condition of the car, Rolls-Royce makes it clear that a Rolls-Royce car is only to be touched by a “Rolls-Royce Approved Technicians”, and that the manufacturer does not allow an owner to have any kind of maintenance, enhancement, or tuning that is not approved by the company. However, if an owner insists on doing so, he or she must be ready for the consequence, which is no more maintenance support from Rolls-Royce. Just imagine: your brake disc cannot be replaced by an authentic brake disc made by Rolls-Royce, because you did something to your car seats and the company says “No. You changed the colour of your car seats. I will not sell you the brake disc you want”. It is a little ridiculous, yet understandable at the same time.

rolls royce under repair

Rolls-Royce will not work on cars that have undergone unauthorised maintenance or repair

2. Every owner has to pay an annual fee for maintenance

The company does not allow the customers to have the car maintained in an unknown shop, but then it charges each car at least USD 3,900 (approximately Rs. 2.7 lakh) as an annual fee for maintenance. So if you think about it, on top of the hefty price tag that ranges from Rs. 5 to 10 crore that you pay when purchasing a Rolls-Royce car, granted that your car gets in no accidents whatsoever and has no mishaps (which is unlikely to be the case), you still have to pay 2.7 lakh every year to keep it in good condition. In case you wonder what kind of sorcery they must perform on your car to charge at least 2.7 lakh a year for maintenance, Rolls-Royce says that the cars are of so high quality and requires so much craftsmanship that just an oil change costs USD 650 (approximately Rs. 45,000) and a door part change costs around the same

man maintaning a rolls royce

Rolls-Royce does not allow unauthorised maintenance yet it charges 2.7 lakh for basic annual maintenance

3. Get ready to expose all of your car’s information to Rolls Royce

Do you remember how you agree on Google collecting your information for “better services” when you install Google Chrome on your computer or mobile phone? Rolls-Royce is pretty much the same. Rolls-Royce Teleservice records all of your car numbers, including metrics and measurements such as temperature and mileage, as well as check control messages and location. While the company justifies that all the information collected is to help you faster when your car gets in trouble or to improve the overall driving experience, the fact that someone has all the details about where you are going at what time and what temperature you set the car’s air conditioner to at 7 PM last Wednesday is pretty creepy.

rolls royce car dashboard

Rolls-Royce keeps track of all information regarding your car


1. Working directly with a close acquaintance is not allowed

Rolls-Royce has this rule for the employees that sound like something that would exist in a hospital: not working directly with “a family member or close personal friend”, including a boyfriend or girlfriend. While this rule is understandable in a hospital setting where a bad judgment can severely affect someone’s life, it being in Rolls-Royce’s Global Code of Conduct may not be understood by everybody.

The company says that supervising or hiring a close acquaintance may make an employee have a conflict of interest that “impairs [the] ability to make fair and objective decisions when performing [his or her] job”. Judging from the tone of the rule, it seems like the car manufacturer operates strictly on meritocracy, and there is no nepotism involved. If that truly is the case, great job Rolls-Royce!

a rolls royce employee

Rolls Royce does not allow any employee to work directly with a close friend or family member for fear of conflict of interest

2. Makeup and perfumes are highly regulated

To ensure the highest quality of a car, Rolls-Royce implements a rule for the employees that forbids anyone working on the paint job to wear ANY kind of makeup, perfumes, and store-bought deodorants. The reason the company gives is that they do not want to have the paint contaminated by any sort of substances. This requirement of Rolls-Royce is strict yet quite straightforward because we can all see how the wealthy customers do not want to see a speck of black mascara on the seemingly impeccable paint, or how they do not want to smell cheap perfume or Nivea Deodorant haunting the luxury car. If anything, we aam aadmi do not wish to smell funky deodorant on our brand new automobile either.
If you are wondering: “Then how do the unfortunately smelly employees deal with body odour?”, here is your answer: Rolls-Royce has a special kind of deodorant that it only gives to the employees to make sure that the cars they produce have a specific scent. While no one but Rolls-Royce staff knows for sure what the deodorant smells like, we imagine it either has no scent at all or has a very luxury expensive smell to it, because if you ever have the chance to sniff a brand new Rolls-Royce, oh boy does it smell flipping majestic!

man painting a rolls royce

Wearing makeup and perfume is forbidden in some parts of Rolls Royce company

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