Top 5 Ugliest Cars in India That You Will Not Believe They Exist

by Vivaan Khatri | 04/08/2018
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A car’s exterior can be a very important factor showing the class and personality of its owner, an ugly car could sully the name and level of the driver. How about we take a look at those 5 ugliest cars ever made?

Folks, let’s just face it, in your wildest dreams, you all want to own sophisticating cars like Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari LaFerrari, Rolls Royce Phantom, etc That is extremely easy to understand, we love beautiful stuff, especially in cars. Without the beauty, no matter how functional it is,  a car hardly catch our attention. So, the look of a car is very essential, but some manufacturers seem to forget about it, here are some of the ugliest cars ever made that will blow you away.

1. Nissan Evalia

A Top Gear’s star but an ugly one, you don’t need to think too much before saying that. Despite being a car, it possesses a look of a spaceship with a big, square body, you can hardly miss it. Maybe Nissan was trying to copy the Scorpio model but terribly fail for its skinny tires and ugly paint job. Ugly is an exact and appropriate word to describe this car.

Nissan Evalia with a roof rack attached in its head

Nissan Evalia has a look that reminds people of Scorpio and looks like a spaceship

2. Mahindra Supro

Lady and gentlemen, at last, a company decided to get their inspiration from mice to create their car. Just take a look at this car and think for yourself.

Mahindra Supro in a form of school bus

 Mahindra Supro has a front face similar to a mouse

A giant rat with the tiny hood that resembles its mouth, grilles are for teeth and mirrors the ears, it is kind of grumpy too, so sad! One thing that makes this look unusual is the awkward rear side with the rear window. It seems like the Supro comes from 3 different designs but the manufacturers don’t have much time so they just stick them together and voila! The wheels look very strange: they look like they are too small for that car. Moreover, the head of this car is too big and make the driver think they can easily do the front flip when braking.   

3. Honda Mobilio

Some of you will think: “How can it be on this list? It‘s not that bad!” Trust me, it’s THAT bad. By saying “bad”, I mean the lack of design characteristics, idea,  laziness that destroy this car.

Honda Mobilio in white paint and a huge gap between two axles

Honda Mobilio takes the definition of reuse and recycles to a whole new level

Glimpsing through, you will see it as an average but okay-looking car. But if taking a close, deep look, you will notice some unusual parts about this car. For sure, it is the result of a faulty combination of an SUV and Honda Brio. Honda took the nice front of the Brio and attached it with the back of an SUV and then launched it to the market. We can call this car the mistake of mutant genetic effort.   

4. Tata Indigo Marina

This time, Tata Motors has gone way too far that they determined to make their product become a station wagon by adding a large box to the rear of the car. The round and chubby shape make people think that it just can’t digest and eventually explode. They must have discovered that flaw and try to make it look better but the result backfires them: the chrome stripe poorly fail to cover the ugliness. Even the tail lights make the rear end look bigger and rugged. A Chevrolet Optra SRV is a much better choice than this one.

A black Tata Indigo Marine on road

The bulked rear make Tata Indigo Marian look like a bomb

5. Maruti Suzuki Zen Classic

Just another car failed to continue the success of productions family. After the warm welcome of the people for the Zen, Suzuki was so thrilled that they messed things up. While the elder Zen gained attention and compliments, the younger one named Zen Classic failed horribly. The exterior was so wrong at many levels, they try to merge the old-school and new-school and give out a nightmare. The headlights and taillights in the round shape make it ridiculously weird. Three grilles at the front do nothing but consume more chrome.

An Indian man proudly leans on his brand new Zen Classic

Zen Classic doesn’t cope well with the combination of old-school and new-school

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