Watch Toyota Fortuner Swimming Past a Stuck Audi Q3

by Mohammed Burman | 20/09/2020
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Recently, a video showing a Toyota Fortuner which overcomes a flooded road, crossing an Audi Q3 towed by a tractor has been released on the Internet. Read on to discover.

India has entered the monsoon season when waterlogging is a common issue in many cities, which makes many vehicles get stuck. Entering the flooded roads is very dangerous, which has sometimes led to fatal accidents. Moreover, if a vehicle stops when driving through a flooded road, it can suffer serious damage, which may require a large amount of money to get it repaired. Recently, a video which shows a Toyota Fortuner crosses an Audi Q3 in a flooded road has been released on the Internet. Firstly, please have a look at the video.

The video shows a couple who are driving a Toyota Fortuner in Gurugam on a rainy day. Then they entered a flooded road. All the vehicles were waiting there and trying to assess the water depth. The couple also stopped and evaluate the water depth by observing a cyclist crossing the road. Eventually, they decided to proceed.


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At the deepest point of the flooded road, the water exceeded the bonnet lid, which surely scares any car. In the video, an Audi Q3 is being tucked and is being towed away by a tractor on the same road. Because the Audi Q3 uses the high-performance motor which draws more air and with a large amount of intensity, they can be more easily get hydro locked in comparison with other mass-segment cars. Moreover, in the Q3, the air intake is positioned closer to the ground than the Fortuner, which makes the former have more difficulty in crossing flooded roads.

toyota fortuner drives through flooded road


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Moreover, the Toyota Fortuner has a 700-mm water wading capability, which is quite impressive; but in such flooded roads, you should be more careful. Since water surpassed the bonnet lid at some points, it could have enter the air intake of the SUV, which may have led the Fortuner to suffer from the same issue as the Audi Q3. Nevertheless, fortunately, it managed to drive through the flooded road without much difficulty.


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Crossing a flooded road or stream by a car which is not equipped with a snorkel can be dangerous. Many people try to restart the vehicles. Nevertheless, this can even cause more damage to your car. Moreover, water rising so highly means that it can reach the car’s ECU. With only several drops of water sprinkled on the ECU, it can get damaged. Costing a huge amount of money, the ECU is usually not covered by the insurance. This is the reason why you should avoid these waterlogged areas at all costs. If all the routes have got flooded, the best way is to wait until the water comes down or wait for other cars with the same height and ground clearance to cross before making the final decision on whether to cross the road or not.

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