Watch Toyota Fortuner Legender Do Impressive Off-roading In Thailand [Video]

by Mohammed Burman | 30/09/2020
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The facelifted Toyota Fortuner is ready to be launched in the Indian auto market with the Legender variant. Before this, let’s watch the several impressive off-roading actions done by the Fortuner Lengender in the wilderness of Thailand.

The Japanese automaker is going to launch the Toyota Fortuner facelift in the Indian auto marker at a later time this year or at the beginning next year. The new SUV has been launched in Thailand along with a new Fortuner Legender variant with several additional design improvements. The launch of the new Legender variant in India has yet to be confirmed but based on the Japanese automaker’s track record, we can expect it to eventually come to our market. Underpinned by a ladder-frame platform, the India-bound Toyota Fortuner already comes with decent off-road capabilities which are possibly better than some of its competitors, the Mahindra Alturas G4 and Ford Endeavour. Based on the current ladder-frame platform, the facelifted Toyota Fortuner will come with mainly design upgrades, which means that it will continue to have impressive off-roading capabilities, which the Fortuner Legender will also come with. Below is a video which shows the Fortuner Legender do some hard-core off-roading actions in Thailand wilderness.

Right from the beginning, this off-road challenge looks really hard. Firstly, the Fortuner Legender rolls down a hill, which makes it look like a breeze. A section which tests the wheel articulation and suspension travel of the SUV is also implemented. The Fortuner Legender then approaches a really difficult situation of muck and slush. While the muddy surface can be easily overcome, the steep slope requires the electronics and the 4WD system of the SUV to be fully operated.


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When the Fortuner Legender has come to the top of the slope, the tyres of the SUV have been totally covered with mud and no traction on the wheels are available. It is obvious that the 4WD system, locking differentials and electronics are fully operated to help the vehicle move forward even when no traction is available at the wheels. Actually, the surface is so slippery that the SUV slide from side to side at some points; however, it quickly regains its balance and move forward.

new toyota fortuner off-road

The Toyota Fortuner Legender manages to overcome the off-road challenge in Thailand.


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Along with decent off-road capabilities, a powerful motor is also required to help the Fortuner overcome the challenge. The new India-spec is expected to continue to receive is power from a 2.7-litre gasoline burner with 164 BHP against 245 Nm and a 2.8-litre oil unit with 174 BHP against 450 Nm. Transmission duties will be undertaken by a 6-speed MT/AT. Once launched in India, the new SUV is also anticipated to be equipped with several new features.

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