Traffic fines in Kerala: New traffic penalties, challan rates in Kerala

by IndianAuto Team | 02/04/2020
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Look at the traffic fines in Kerala before riding or driving on the public roads of the state.

While having a growing concern towards the increasing number of traffic accidents and fatalities in the country, the Indian Government has jumped into decision on revising the challan rates in India. The Motor Vehicle (Amended) Act has come into force since September, 2019, which has significantly impacted the traffic scenarios in many states including Kerala. Most of road users are more aware of bringing along the compulsory documents like driving license, insurance, etc. when they ride or drive in the public roads.

traffic fines in kerala

However, in a bid to provide a relief to the commuters who had to bear heavy penalties courtesy of the new Motor Vehicle Act since last year, the Government of Kerala has decided to slash the traffic fines to a certain level. People then can breath and relax for a while whenever they drive.

“The fines fixed in the Act as per the proposal of the Government of India are very high and disproportionate to the gravity of offences. Hence, there is large scale public protest in this regard”, said Kerala transport Minister, A.K Saseendran in his letter to the Union Road Transport Minister to request for the flexibility to fix the traffic fines in Kerala.

Now let’s take a look at the traffic fines in Kerala in the table below.

1. Reduced Traffic fines in Kerala


Traffic fines under New Motor Vehicle Act

Reduced fines effective from Oct 24, 2019

Speeding Light Motor Vehicle

Rs 5,000

Rs 1,500

Driving without helmet

Rs 1,000

Rs 500

Racing & Speeding

Rs 10,000

Rs 5,000

Speeding Medium Heavy Vehicle

Rs 5,000

Rs 3,000

Riding or Driving with handheld mobile phone

Rs 10,000

Rs 2,000


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2. Traffic Fines in Kerala That is Kept Unchanged

Apart from the above offences, the Kerala Government has kept these traffic fines untouched ever since it comes into effect from September 2019 after considering the gravity of offences.


Traffic fines in Kerala

Riding/ driving without licence

Rs 5,000

Riding/ driving without ticket

Rs 500

Riding/ driving without insurance

Rs 2,000 with or without prison sentenced to 3 months (first offence)

Rs 4,000 with or without prison sentence to 3 months (second offence)

Riding/ driving under influence of intoxicating substance, drunk driving

Up to Rs 10,000 with or without imprisonment to 6 months (first offence)

Rs 15,000 with/ without the imprisonment up to 2 years

Driving without proper mental or physical health

Rs 1,000 (first offence)

Rs 2,000 (second offence)

Causing obstruction to the flow of traffic

Rs 500

Driving while disqualified to drive

Rs 10,000

Driving with unauthorized use of vehicle

Rs 5,000

As you can see, the traffic fine for drunk driving in Kerala remains unchanged at Rs 10,000 (first offence). The Government of Kerala makes its decision after considering the bad consequences of drunk driving on the public roads. The fine is almost equal to the drunk-driving traffic fines in Bangalore which is located in the state of Karnataka in India.

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