Truck Driver Fined For Rs 86,500 In Odisha, Highest-ever In the Country

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 01/07/2020
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Ever thought what's the highest that someone has ever been fined for in India? It's a truck driver from Sambalpur Odisha. Read here for more.

With the new amendment for the Motor Vehicle Act in place, MORTH (Ministry for Road Transport & Highway) has increased fines of challans for those, not abiding by the traffic rules and regulations. Also, the news of stupendously high challan rates has been getting all the attention it should. But, have you ever wondered what's the highest amount that someone in the country has ever been challaned for? We tell you. It is a truck driver from Sambalpur, Odisha, who was fined for whooping Rs. 86,500. He was challaned after a few days the MVA 2019 amendment was rolled out last year.


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INR 86,500 Is what A Truck Driver Is Fined For In Odisha, Highest Ever In The Country

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The driver was fined while he was driving a truck owned by BLA Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. from Sambalpur, Odisha to Talcher, Chattisgarh. The truck was carrying a JCB backhoe loader in the flatbed when it was detained by RTO officials. The driver was booked for various failures of conducts on his part.


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According to Mr. Lalit Mohan Bera, Regional Transport Officer of Sambalpur district, the truck driver was fined for Rs. 20,000 for carrying an over-dimensional load, Rs. 56,000 for exceeding the maximum loading limit of the vehicle, which is rated at 18 tonnes, Rs. 5,000 for letting an unauthorized person drive the vehicle, Rs. 5,000 for not possessing a valid driving license, and a sum of Rs. 500 against a general offence.

Challan reciept for the incident.


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However, the driver, after healthily negotiating for 5 long hours, paid a sum of Rs. 70,000 against the challan to the RTO authorities. This incident has brought in a lot of attention to the transport department of Odisha since they have collected the highest revenue for challans after the new amendment for Motor Vehicle Act 2019 was announced. As of September 1, 2019, the state registered a collection of over Rs. 88.00 lakh, which was hardly a couple of days after the amendment came into the process.

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