Police Convoy of Toyota Innova and Bajaj Pulsars Sent To Celebrate Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday

by Mohammed Burman | 07/05/2020
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Recently, the police in Uttar Pradesh sent a convoy of 3 Toyota Innova MPVs and 2 Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles to celebrate a little girl’s first birthday.

Birthdays, especially the first one, are usually the most special days for anyone. Indian people always know how to celebrate others' birthdays in the most meaningful way. However, in the ongoing conditions of the nation-wide lockout, many people in India cannot celebrate the birthdays of their children as they would love to. That said, a young girl in Uttar Pradesh received a wonderful surprise from the UP police for her first birthday. Let’s have a look at the video which shows the greatest moments of the little girl, her parents and the UP police.

According to the video, several UP police vehicles were sent to celebrate the first birthday of the young girl. In the front are two Bajai Pulsar motorcycles followed by three official Toyota Innova MPVs, which are often used by police in India. There are two more Bajai Pulsa bikes in the sweeping position. Decorated with colourful balloons, the vehicles entered the lane with flashers and siren on. The policemen wearing gloves and face masks presented a birthday cake to the girl.

On behalf of the little girl, the parents received it. All of them also sang a happy birthday song for the little child. This is certainly a wonderful initiative taken by the UP police. We're sure that the parents of the baby girl would remain this kind gesture of the police for many years to come.

Police Convoy of Toyota Innova and Bajaj Pulsars Sent To Celebrate Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday

All of the people in the video show their happiness when celebrating the young girl's 1st birthday.


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The lockdown has been extended to May 17 to further prevent the spread of the deadly disease. It spreads via the infected person’s nasal droplets. It can survive on various kinds of surface for long hours. After touching the infected surface and touching the face, a healthy person can get infected. The virus has a 14-day incubation period during which you may not feel the effects on your body. There are also many cases where the infected people spread the virus to other people without showing any symptoms. More than fifty thousands of cases infection have been officially registered in India. One of the best ways to restrict the spread of this deadly virus is to maintain a safe distance from other people. Realizing this, the Indian government has decided to extend the nation-wide lockout to May 17, albeit, with some relaxations. Nevertheless, it might take much longer for the people of India to rssume normal living.

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