Will Vehicles Get Impounded If Driven In Lockdown?

by IndianAuto Team | 30/03/2020
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Recently, some social media messages suggest that your vehicles can be impounded if you go out in the lockdown. Read this article to discover if it is true or not.

At 8 PM on March 24, 2020, Sh. Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Mínister announced a 21-day lockdown all over the nation with a view to preventing Covi-19 spread. This is an almost unprecedented nationwide lockdown for such a long period. As a result, the Indian people are afraid that they cannot get access to some essential items such as food and medicine. Moreover, some social media messages have suggested that vehicles will be impounded if they are driven during the lockdown. Is this true or not? The answer is both. In this article, we are going to clarify this question, based on the official lockdown guidelines released by the Ministry of Home Affairs, no. 40-3/2020, on March 24, 2020.

The lockdown was announced across India recently. Above is a video of a cop thrashing occupants of a Maruti Baleno that was being driven in the lockdown situation.

Should you go out during lockdown?

The absolute answer to the above is “No” for the sake of the well-being of your own and your family members unless this is really necessary. Coronavirus is highly infectious, especially through fluid or surface contact. Who can ensure that you are careful enough to avoid touching anything and anyone whenever you go out? Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should not go out to any social meetings and even to work. To minimize the need to go out, MG Motors has even delivered the Hector and the ZS EV to their customers' homes. However. the government has acknowledged some exceptions, which are not to exploit but to be considered to be privileges that should only be implemented when really necessary.

In what situations can you go out during lockdown? Legally

While you are not allowed to go out, at least in 21 days from now, there are some exceptions to this. People who directly work in essential services such as clinics, diagnostic labs, water supply, electricity, sanitation, healthcare, police, disaster management, fire department, groceries, medicines, etc. are allowed to continue their work with sufficient preventive measures.

groceries during coronavirus

You are allowed to go out to purchase groceries during the lockdown.

The general public consisting of most private-sector employees are not allowed to go out to work. People are allowed to work from home if possible. You can to legally go out in the following situations: purchasing medicines, groceries, providing medical care or taking a patient to hospital/doctor. You are highly recommended to have food, groceries, medicines and medical equipment delivered to your house since the delivery of these items is allowed during the lockdown.

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Will my bike or car be impounded when I go out and how to avoid it?

As above-mentioned, you are allowed to go out in some situations during the lockdown. There are some tips which you should follow to prevent the Coronavirus from infecting yourself and also to prevent your car or bike from being impounded by the police.

Always going alone

You will be more likely stopped and your vehicle will be impounded by the police if they notice that you are going with anyone else. If you want to buy medicines, bring a doctor’s file or a prescription so that they can serve as proof of your objective when going out. If you are going out to buy groceries, remember to bring a shopping bag with you. Do not worry too much, the police’s duty is to protect us, not to unnecessarily punish us.

Wearing a facemask, using hand sanitizers and avoiding touching anything

These are the most general safety precautions which should be taken to prevent yourself from being infected and spreading the virus. Moreover, if you are stopped by the police, you can show that you are responsible people and the police are more likely to treat you more leniently.

Obeying traffic regulations

This must be implemented not only when the lockdown has been implemented but whenever you go out. The new challan rates have been issued and have achieved desirable outcomes. Therefore, if you violate the traffic regulations such as not wearing the helmet when riding a bike or not wearing the seatbelt when driving a car, the police can claim that you are irresponsible, which can lead to direr consequences than in the normal situations. Therefore, remember to bring all the necessary documents and follow all the traffic rules to prevent your vehicles from being impounded by the police.

traffic police in india

The traffic regulations should always be followed in any situations.

In what cases my vehicle will be impounded?

If you go out with more than one person who does not need medical care without any reasonable reasons for going out, your car or bike is more likely to be impounded. People who resist the police will be strictly dealt with FIRs being lodged and even be arrested. Also, remember that you are not allowed to go out for entertainment or social purposes.

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Some positive news

The lockdown which was initially conducted for the past few days has helped slow down Coronavirus’s potential transmission in India. Apart from the lockdown, various other measures have also been taken to slow down the Coronavirus's infection. Let's hope that the virus will soon be contained so that the people's life can return to their normal state as before.

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