Virat Kohli Fined For Washing Cars With Drinking Water

by Mohammed Burman | 08/06/2019
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Recently, Virat Kohli, one of the most popular Indian cricketers, has been fined for washing his luxury cars with potable water. Read on for the details

Virat Kohli, the well-known Indian skipper and his teammates are making efforts to bring home the ICC World Cup trophy. However, one unfortunate incident has occurred at his home. His staff was caught for using potable water to clean his luxury cars. Virat Kohli's car collection includes a wide range of luxury SUVs, sports cars and sedans. He is truly an automobile enthusiast.

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Complaints about wasting water for cleaning cars or any other purposes have been sent to Municipal Corporation in Gurugram (MCG). As a result, the flying squad has been used to inspect the area, making sure that no one commits this offence. Recently, the flying squad of the Gurugram Municipal Corporation noticed Virat’s staff and driver cleaning some cars including a BMW 5-Series and some Mercedes Benz models in his house in DLF Phase-I in Gurugram. His staff were fined INR 500 for this action.

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Below is a video published by ANI News which shows Virat Kohli house and cars which were being washed.

Virat Kohli's staff were caught cleaning his cars with potable water by the flying squad of the MCG.

The video above also shows the Commissioner of MCG, Yashpal Yadav verify that Virat Kohli’s staff have been fined for INR 500 for using portable to clean the cars. He also added that throughout the scorching summer months, there is always an enormous demand for potable water. Therefore, the shortage of water has become a serious issue in the area and water wastage even makes matters worse.  To tackle the problem, the MCG will carefully examine the area to prevent people from wasting water. Also, the MCG has initiated a campaign to persuade people against wasting drinking water.

vira kohlis driver caught cleaning the car with drinking water

The staff were fined INR 500 for committing the offence.

For your information, the MCG has decided to impose challans on people who are caught wasting water. For residential units, INR 1,000 is the upper limit for the fine while that for commercial ones is INR 5000. Besides Virat, several houses have also been fined by the MCG for similar offences.

This is a revolutionary move by the MCG and should be considered a message that water wastage is a strictly forbidden action. Although Virat might not be directly involved in this incident, the challan sends a stark warning against any forms of water wastage.

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