Watch Supercar Blondie Review G Wagon-Inspired Suzuki Jimny

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 14/12/2020
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What happens when you take a simple and honest Suzuki Jimny and take it to the bodyshop? Well you get a very good Mercedes G63 Brabus 800 lookalike. Read on for further details.

The Suzuki Jimny over its various generations has gained something of a cult following with the off-road community due to its rugged and honest character. Even with its comparatively tiny size, its tough 4x4 system and light weight means it can compete well with much bigger off-roaders. The last generation Jimny lasted two decades in the market with only a few tweaks and visual updates. The latest model which launched in 2018 is still based on an off-road biased ladder frame chassis and rigid axles with separate differentials. Paired to it is a small 1.5-litre N/A engine and simple design which means it should last as long as the last one at least. But what happens when you take a humble Jimny and modify it to the stratosphere? We have Supercar Blondie today who got to drive this Mercedes G63 AMG inspired Suzuki Jimny.


Suzuki Jimny 5-door Model Might Soon Enter Indian Market

 As you can see in the video above, it shows a Suzuki Jimny that had gone to the modifiers and came out as a mini Mercedes G63 AMG, specifically Brabus’ 800 version. Placing the two cars side by side, you are actually impressed by how much the Jimny manages to look like the G-Wagen, albeit a very small one. The whole front of the Jimny has gone through an overhaul to make it look like the G-Wagen complete with very similar headlamps, grille, and front bumper. It also gets new indicators on top of the front fender just like the G-Wagen, while it gets the same carbon-fibre fake bonnet scoop as the Brabus G63 here. Over to the side, the tuners have managed to fit in side-exit exhausts complete with AMG tips in the Jimny, which is the G63 AMG’s signature feature. On the rear, it gets a similar rear spoiler like the G63 though in the Suzuki it’s a carbon fibre one. It has got the same tail lamps as well. From the outside, it does a very good job of impersonating a G63 AMG, though the AMG V8 bi-turbo and other Brabus badges and motifs may not be for everyone. On the inside, the impersonating continues with the same dual-tone orange and black interior as the Brabus G63 800 and has the same logos on the headrests as well.

The new generation Suzuki Jimny has been a runaway success in most of the markets it has been launched at and currently you can’t get one new, instead of having to buy it second-hand at a premium if you want one now. Most recently it was launched in Mexico as CBU import with only 1000 units, and it managed to get sold out within 72 hours. 


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The Suzuki Jimny is powered by a 1.5-litre N/A 4-pot petrol which churns out 105 PS/138 Nm of peak power and torque. It is mated to either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed auto. Indian enthusiasts have been very vocal about the Jimny not being launched in the domestic market yet, though Maruti plans to launch it sometime in 2021.

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