Weird and Wacky Modified Mercedes Cars in India

by Mohammed Burman | 05/07/2019
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India is well-known for crazy things which are done to the vehicles. Here are six examples of really weird and wacky Modified Mercedes Cars in India

Mercedez-Benz is among the most well-known auto manufacturers in the world for its luxury and high-quality vehicles. The value of Mercedes vehicles is even lifted to a higher level in India because of their uniqueness and high price. While most of the owners of the tri-star cars want to keep their vehicles in the best condition without any damage, some people have done some crazy things to them. Below, we have compiled six such Mercedes vehicles which have been either impressively customized or done amazing things in India.


This car owner seems to be a fan of Batman, who is one of the most celebrated superhero figures in comics for his superpower, will, determination and intelligent mind. The car below is originally a Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222. Nevertheless, with the commission from Adar Poonawalla, taking the inspiration from Batman, Executive ModcarTrendz modified the vehicle to a Batmobile for about INR 25 lakh - INR 30 lakh.

The S-Class W222 keeps under its hood a 4.7L V8 bi-turbocharged petrol motor which can deliver 463 BHP against 700 Nm.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222 batmobile black front

The Mercedes Benz S-Class W222 has been modified to a weird vehicle after taking the inspiration from Batman.

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Mercedes vehicles already have relatively amber and luxurious inside the cabin, which is also what they are well-known for. The Long wheelbase version of various cars produced by Mercedes-Benz like the S-Class and the E-Class are also offered in India. Nevertheless, for some people, regular Mercedes cars cannot satisfy their demands so they have decided to have their vehicles stretched out to make it even longer.

The image below shows an old-gen Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which has been extended to a limousine. An additional middle door is even added to the car, which is another awkward feature in this car. For your information, stretching a car can negatively impact the vehicle’s chassis and reduce its rigidity if correct measures are not taken to reinforce the chassis.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class stretched white side profile

This Mercedes E-Class has been strectched to become a limousine.

[Image source: MotorBeam]

Road “drifting”

The video below shows a Mercedes A-Class diesel runs at a high speed when cornering. Although it looks like an empty road, there are quite a few cars parked on the roadsides. Fortunately, no one drove from the opposite direction.

The Mercedes A-Class A 180 CDI is not equipped with a rear wheel drive system. It keeps under its hood a 2.2L diesel motor which is good for 170 BHP against 250 Nm.

This Mercedes A-Class is driven at a dangerously fast speed.

Rock climbing

Although most Mercedes cars’ owners make every endeavour to keep their vehicles in the best conditions, this one treated his car in a much different way. The driver in the video below is seen driving his Mercedes ML-Class with such an aggressive manner that the underbody of the car is repeatedly hit on the rock. However, the driver continues to push the SUV to limits without paying attention to all the sufferings that his vehicle has to experience. Eventually, the driver succeeds in overcoming the obstacle with scratches all over the underbody of the vehicle.

The Merecedes ML-Class experienced quite a few sufferings when climbing the rock.

River crossing

Again, the Mercedes ML-Class faces another challenge, to cross a deep river. Despite being an SUV, the ML-Class is not targeted as an off-roader. Moreover, premium vehicles are equipped with big turbochargers which suck in air at a very high rate. As a result, the engine can be hydro-locked by just a small amount of water in the air-intake manifolds.

In the video, the SUV manages to get out after hard efforts. The front bumper also takes a hit when the SUV climbs on the river. The ML-Class is not packed with a low-ratio transfer case. This makes it susceptible under these circumstances.

This Mercedes ML-Class is also put in a danger when overcoming deep water. 

Saving the truck

Heroes do not have to wear a cape, they just need to own a Mercedes SUV, which can offer help when necessary. This Mercedes GLE driver helped a stuck truck get out of a roadside pit. More noteworthily, the truck is produced by Bharat Benz, so it is like cousins saving each other.

Despite the far lighter weight than the truck, the Mercedes SUV manages to tow the truck out quite effortlessly. The SUV receives its power from a 2.2-litre motor with four cylinders which can generate up to 201 BHP against 480 Nm which is the sufficient amount of torque for the vehicle to be efficient in such rescue circumstances.

This Mercedes GLE has successfully completed the mission of saving a truck.

Above are the six of the craziest things that the Indian have done to their Mercedes vehicles. Which one impresses you the most? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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