What are the best cars for teens in India?

by Vivaan Khatri | 25/08/2018
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You know teenagers, they always want to show themselves that they are grown up, and the best way to express it is to have their owned car. But which cars suited them the most?

As a parent, whether you like it or not, you have to advise your kids to choose a car because it’s their reasonable need. You know that teens like something with a big engine, a cool exterior, and fast. However, we can’t pamper and put them in danger. Besides, those cars cost a huge amount of money. Before deciding which cars to buy, you will have to go through a lot of criteria like models, price, safety, etc to choose a suitable one. So, it means that not every car is appropriate. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with a list of 5 cars that we believe they are the best choices for your kids.

teen girls holding a key in a car

It takes a lot of consideration to choose a suitable car for teens

1. Suzuki Maruti Alto 800

If you are looking for a cheap but functional car, then the Alto 800 is a good choice. It is the car that most families choose. We can say that Maruti Alto 800 is one of the best-selling cars in India. This car has 3 cylinders, 796 CC displacement which means this car is not too fast or slow. The engineer had also upgraded the pistons to lower the friction and the fuel consumption by 9%. The innovated brake system also supports the drivers in a safer way. The interior is basic but large enough to make you feel comfortable. We would recommend you buying the (O) variant which has an airbag to protect the driver in case of accidents. This car’s price is also very competitive, ranging from 2.51 to 3.78 Lakh based on the model.

Maruti Alto 800 blue color front angle view

Maruti Alto 800 in a shiny blue body paint

2. Tata Tiago

Tata Motors has done a very good job of releasing this particular car to the market. First, the price is so competitive. With 3.35 to 6 Lakh, you can own a car that has a good interior as well as the powerful engine. This car has a 6-level manual transmission and 3 cylinders. With the support of turbocharger, it can power the car up to 110 horsepower at 5.000 RPM. Even so, this car doesn’t consume so much fuel. Like the Maruti Alto 800, Tata Tiago is very spacious inside. Plus, the shoulder room in the rear can let you relax your feet. That’s a great point of this car at that price.

Tata Tiago brown color front view

An inexpensive Tata Tiago with a beautiful brown front


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3. Hyundai Elite i20

This car can catch a lot of attention from teenagers because of its upgraded look. In the premium car lineup, it is inexpensive but most-preferred. In the new upgrade, Hyundai Elite i20 has a huge facelift which makes the car more fitted for the youngsters. They made the rear look more modern with a new pair of tail-lights. The wheel is also expanded to 16 inches, and the new chrome door handle adds the sophistication to the cars. If your kids want to look cool, this car will get the job done. But just like other products from Hyundai, it doesn’t put too much attention in the interior. They focus more on fuel efficiency by adding a new air curtain in it. The feeling seems to remain unchanged when driving it. Lastly, the price is affordable, 5.35 to 9.15 Lakh.

toyota elite i20 blue color front view on road

A total facelift make the car look more beautiful

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4. Ford Freestyle

You know Ford, they tend to make cars that have a safe look but with a wild engine. Ford Freestyle is not an exception. But this time, they actually make it even safer. With a higher ground clearance, your kids can avoid a lot of bumps so that the drivers can lower the chances of accidents. The 1.5-litre 4-cylinder shows that Ford still keeps its tradition of making wild engines. Look like all the cars for teenagers always seem to hit the budget by reducing fuel consumption. They can go 30 km with just 1.5 litres of diesel. All those alluring traits come at a very reasonable price: you just need to spend around 6 Lakh for a car of your kids’ dreams.

Ford Freestyle front view brown color

Ford Freestyle is calm and wild at the same time

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5. Volkswagen Polo

The Germans know what they were doing when releasing Volkswagen Polo. Although their reputation has been damaged by the contamination scandal, this car somehow still stands firmly throughout the storm. It seems to be sort of smaller and more sophisticated than the usual hatchback, making the car fit for the active teens. The power of this car is the main point, it can clearly deliver with just 1.000 RPM. The position of the brake and gas pedals also make it comfortable to use despite the weird seats. This car also contains airbags that will protect your kids if accidents happen. The price makes this car worthy too, just 5.42 to 9.69 Lakh and you will have this mechanical masterpiece.

Volkswagen Polo white color front view

Volkswagen Polo, the same old brand new hatchback car

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