What Happens When A Tourist-Filled Maruti Gypsy Gets Attacked By An Elephant?

by Mohammed Burman | 09/07/2019
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Recently, a fleet of Maruti Gypsy got attacked by an angry elephant, which panicked the tourists in the vehicles. So what to do in such incidents? Read on to discover.

Where did the incident transpire?

Jungle safaris are common sights in India. Jim Corbett, the oldest national park, has provided habitats for many types of animals which include elephants, tigers and deers as the most popular ones. The wild beauty of the national park has attracted numerous tourists who come to the park to discover the animals. Recently, an elephant attack on a fleet of tourism Maruti Gypsy has been recorded in the area. Firstly, let’s have a look at the incident.

Elephant attacked the tourism fleet of Maruti Suzuki Gypsy in Jim Corbett National Park

How the incident took place?

The video has been recorded from another Maruti Gypsy in the fleet and clearly displays the elephant attack the Gypsy. According to reports, a tourist requested to take a photo with the elephant, so the driver of the vehicle drove closer to the herd of elephants. When the distance between the elephant and the Gypsy is not safe enough, the angry animal started to attack the vehicle.

As can be seen in the video, firstly, the elephant attacked the Gypsy by kicking it in the front. People in the vehicle started to make noise and the animal moved to the side.  At the same time, the other Maruti Gypsys appeared to move away from the spot to avoid the wild animal. Then, the elephant made efforts to turn the vehicle over. The tourists in the targeted Gypsy were all panicked; some even jumped out to drive the wild animal away. After trying to turn the vehicle upside down, but in vain, the elephant shifted its stare to another vehicle which was going away from the animal. Then, suddenly and also fortunately, it decided to go away from the spot.

elephant attacked Maruti Gypsy

The tourists got panicked and jumped out of the vehicle when the elephant attacked the Gypsy

How common are animal attacks in Jim Corbett and in India?

Attacks from elephants are a regular event in some of the areas. Two months ago, a private car which was parked in a forest area was overturned by a wild elephant. And numerous other similar incidents have also been reported to have occurred in not only this region but also other parts of the country. There has been even a case in which vehicles on public roads were attacked by a wild hippo, which also chased after the vehicles.

How to deal with animal attacks in India?

Most animals including elephants are very calm and will not attack other creatures unless they are disturbed.  Therefore, human beings should ensure that they keep a safe distance from wild animals. People, when catching sight of herds of elephants crossing the national parks or forests, should stop and wait until the animals have all crossed the roads. Moreover, the best course of action in the case of an animal attack would be to keep calm and not to threaten it; otherwise, the whole situation would become much more exacerbated.

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