Infuriated Wife in Hyundai Creta Chases Down Husband’s Range Rover; Creates a Scene on Road

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 20/07/2020
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A woman fights with her husband by stopping his Range Rover in the middle of the road. She also parks her Hyundai Creta alongside her husband's car, thus creating a long traffic jam.

As the country is dealing with the contagious pathogen, roads and other public places are free from the crowd. However, Peddar Road in Mumbai had a long traffic jam on last Saturday evening. But the reason for the long traffic jam was instead stupid and funny at the same time. The road was jammed as an irked woman parked her Hyundai Creta in the middle of the road to fight with her husband, who was sitting in his Range Rover Sport. While the woman got off her Hyundai Creta and climbed on the bonnet of the Range Rover to kick its windshield, this drama created a disturbance to the road users. All of it was caught on camera by a man from the balcony of his house.


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It can be seen in the video that the woman starts hitting the Range Rover with her footwear first. Then, she climbs up on to the Range Rover's bonnet. Later on, the husband opens his window to speak to his wife, but she tries to break the glass as well. The husband then starts to drive his car slowly out of the road and she starts following him. She then starts tailgating him with her Hyundai Creta and then cuts him off to block his way out. After getting the husband out the car, she kicks him and then both of them drive away. This drama caused a lot of inconvenience to road users. Also, the traffic police personnel were present at the spot.

Wife Parks Hyundai Creta On Road Then Climbs Over Husband’s Range Rover To Kick Him


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However, they did not stop the woman from creating the ruckus. They issued an e-challan against her, instead. It should be noted that such a non-sense can be dangerous at times. If it wasn’t for the traffic jam, someone traversing the road with high-speed could’ve hit the cars as well. Therefore, it isn’t advisable to come and fight on the road or take part in a road rage. Although, the amount that the woman has been fined with is not known to us, but we hope it is as much as to make her understand that roads are not battlefields to have arguments at.

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