Owner of Toyota Corolla Altis Covers his Car in Cow-dung - Here's Why

by Mohammed Burman | 23/10/2020
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It has come to light that an owner of a Toyota Corolla Altis has covered his car in cow dung as a method to address the scorching heat from the sun

Every year, India witnesses the temperatures rocketing above 40 degrees Celcius in several parts of the country. The weather during the summer months is almost always quite sweltering. In such harsh weather, it would be a nightmare to travel in a car without a good air conditioner, right?

Owner of Toyota Corolla Altis Covers his Car in Cow-dung - Here's Why


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Nevertheless, “necessity is the mother of invention”. In such a severe climate, many creative heads have come up with some wacky ideas and even implemented them to address the extreme weather conditions. Earlier, we informed you of a Jaguar XE which wears a thatched roof which protects it from the blistering summer. More recently, a Toyota Corolla Altis owner has covered his car with a wrap made of cow dung with a view to dealing with the sizzling summer heat.

This protection, actually, has both advantages and disadvantages. The first benefit is that unlike the thatched roof, it has the ability to cover the entire car rather than just the roof. Moreover, the job has been done so professionally that it is somehow hard to realize the wrap from a far distance. Another good point is that cow dung is an efficient insulator which can prevent the hot atmosphere from penetrating into the cabin of the car. This method has also been adopted by many Indian families to keep their home cool. However, it is the first time ever that cow dung has been applied to a car to keep it cool.

toyota corolla altis modified rear angle

However, some drawbacks can also be associated with this strange heat prevention tool and the owner needs to consider these factors carefully. Firstly, the terrible smell of the vehicle must be taken into consideration. Secondly, what will happen if anyone accidentally has his/her clothes touched the car?. He certainly should add some coating above the cow-dung layer. Thirdly, the original paint might be damaged once this natural cooling tool is taken off.

As said, the owner of the Corolla Altis has done quite a good job by giving a moderate space for the grille, the rear bumper reflectors, the badge, the logo and holes for the parking sensors. It can still be realized that the car gets an original white paint scheme, the most popular colour option for the Corolla Altis, which is well-known for its bomb-proof nature. If you are wondering how to keep your car cool but do not totally believe in this strange method, you can try the tips provided here


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What do you think about this amazingly modified vehicle? Let’s share with us in the comment section below.

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