Here's How A 21-year Old Indian Could Buy a New BMW With His Own Money

by Kshitij Rawat | 21/05/2020
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Check out the story of T.N. Mohammad Jawad, a young IT entrepreneur who bought himself a BMW with his own, hard-earned money.

While many of us dream of owning a luxury car, not many of us are lucky enough to do so. Of course, some people take this as motivation to succeed, and succeed they do! Here, we have the story of a young entrepreneur who bought himself a BMW 3-series after establishing his own business at the tender age of 21 (in 2018).

TNM Jawad BMW 3 series

T.N. Mohammad Jawad is the owner of TNM Online Solutions, a Kerala based IT firm which specialises in web design, app development, and e-commerce. He got his start when he was just 10 years old when his father bought him a personal computer with an internet connection. His father also helped his set up a Gmail account. The username they wanted was not available though, and autosuggest came up with the name “TNM Jawad" instead, which they ultimately chose. Young Jawad was immediately smitten by the technology and spent hours learning how to do various things, like designing a website.

“I was keen to learn about everything—like how websites were created and how they worked and spent most of my after-school hours in the same pursuit. You could say that I was addicted to the computer but in a good way.”

T.N. Mohammad Jawad


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By the time he reached the tenth standard, Jawad had already built his own website using a free domain, called TNM Solutions. His virtual company designed websites, and he took to Facebook to advertise his business. To further his knowledge and skills, he also visited other website designing companies in Kannur. Jawad’s big break come when one of his teacher’ at school asked for his help for her brother, who needed a website for his interior design business. Upon the completion of the project, Jawad handed over the entire amount to his mother, who was naturally shocked at first!

TN Mohammad Jawad BMW 3 series

Sadly, around this time, Jawad’s father had to leave his banking job in Dubai and return to India. Seeing the financial strain on his family, a 17-year-old Jawad decided to take his business even more seriously. His family helped him, and the boy was able to juggle his work and studies perfectly. He even got two of his teachers, Jibin and Dinil, to join his firm as salaried employees. In 2013, TNM Online Solutions started got its first physical office in South Bazaar in Kannur. At the age of 19, Jawad bought a house for his family, and 2 years later, he bought himself a BMW 3-series sedan!

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