YouTube Couple Reviews Suzuki Jimny After 18 Months Of Ownership

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 25/04/2020
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Suzuki Jimny has gained all the hype that a cute-fun-boxy SUV could. It is going to be launched in the country soon, and here's an ownership review to watch and decide if you should start saving some money to buy one

Suzuki Jimny has completed 50 successful years of production, and it is in its 4th generation now. Suzuki’s Indian subsidiary – Maruti Suzuki is said to be planning to launch it in the country by the end of this year. If you ask us, we're already quite excited and have started saving to buy the mini-SUV after checking out several reviews of the car from the international media. Here’s a long-term ownership review of the Jimny we came across on YouTube. The video of the long-term review has been uploaded by CarPervert on the YouTube channel.

The video starts with a brief description of the buying process of the Jimny. According to the owner of the car, his wife wanted a boxy-looking SUV with compact dimensions. Since they live in the countryside, they are mostly making their way through narrow roads where it becomes tough for vehicles to pass together. In such conditions, the Jimny is a perfect choice of weapon. The high-set seat, flat bonnet, slim dashboard, and light steering, help with easy driving experience. Also, the Jimny comes with proper 4WD layout with rigid axles at both the ends. It sits on a box-section ladder frame making it a capable offroader.

According to the couple, they had their first major service at around 9,000 miles, which included an oil change. The cost of the service was 160 pounds. In rupees, it would come down to Rs. 15,000. However, the service included diff oils, and for a fact, the labour and other charges are much higher in developed countries. The owner claims that the rear-bench is easily accessible and super comfy for the kids. Full-size adults can also fit in as the amount of legroom it offers is fairly decent. However, the boot is well described as a micro trunk, with just 85 litres at disposal with the rear-bench in place.


Suzuki Jimny Modified To Look Like a Thoroughbred Off-roader

YouTube Couple Reviews Suzuki Jimny After 18 Months Of Ownership

The Jimny would be launched in India by the end of 2020 to early 2021.

To load extra stuff and cycles, the owner is using a roof rack on the Jimny. He adds that in real-world conditions, it is a frugal car with 42 mpg, with RWD, most of the time. Talking of the features, he adds that it comes with heated seats to take on the winters of the UK. It comes equipped with automatic LED headlamps with auto-dipper function. Also, other basic requirements like an infotainment system with SATNAV, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay are also offered. Summing it up, the owner claims, it is one of the most enjoyable cars that they’ve owned to date.

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