2019 Tata Tiago Review: Will This Hatchback Be The Next Dream Car?

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Tata Tiago is the one and only in its segment to provide the diesel option. Moreover, the petrol engine of Tata Tiago comes first in terms of power. With these good features, will the Tiago be the next dream car?

1. Tata Tiago Overview: Top models

The Tata Tiago is available in 16 variants with both petrol and diesel motor options. Refer to the table below for a brief look at the Tata Tiago variants.

 No. Variant Name 
 1  Revotron XE
 2  Revotron XM
 3  Revotorq XE
 4  Revotron XZ
 5  Wizz Edition Petrol
 6  Revotron XZ(O)
 7  Revotorq XM
 8  Revotron XZA
 9  Revotron XZ Plus
 10  Revotron XZ Plus Dual Tone
 11  Revotorq XZ
 12  Revotron XZA Plus
 13  Revotron XZA Plus Dual Tone
 14  Revotorq XZ(O)
 15  Revotorq XZ Plus
 16  Revotorq XZ Plus Dual Tone

Overall, Tata Tiago is a well-built, well-designed hatchback. It's reasonably priced, fuel-efficient and comfortable. Featured a stylish, state-of-art internal and external design, Tata Tiago will easily catch the eyes of car buyers. The cabin is spacious and full of features, for example, the smart and satisfactory entertaining set. Tata Tiago is now available with two driving modes, plus parking sensor.

Manufactures of Tata has put considerable effort into improving the after-sales services, bettering their customer support and upgrading the manufacturing technology for higher reliability, which was a consistent weak point of the brand years ago. On the following part, IndianAuto.com will give you an in-depth 2019 Tata Tiago Review.

Watch the review video from Powerdift to see the interior and exterior of the new Tata Tiago:

Tata Tiago Review

2. Tata Tiago 360 View: Exterior Review

The design is the collaboration work of Tata’s designers and others from UK and Italia. No wonder why Tata Tiago takes an innovative look which differs from all the Tata’s previous products.

Front view

From the front, the car features a three-dimension logo of Tata – it is the first car to present this new logo – in the center of a hexagon-constituted grill. Fog lamps placed close to the traditional smiling grill and a fine humanity line crossing along make a smooth transition in the front line. The grille arcs outwards in a unique way, connecting the the two wide swept-back headlights. The front bumper housing the fog lamps gets a neat design; the high bonnet contributes to the a sleek and modern-looking of the car front of the Tiago.

Tata Tiago exterior front orange

Tata Tiago has a youthful and smart front look.

Side view 

The side profile highlights the good-looking and sporty stance of the hatchback. The wheels elegantly fill out the arches, which is a great improvement compared with the previous Tata hatchbacks which look as if they are standing on their toes. Other components like the bold wastline, window upward sweep and chunky C-pillar are harmonious with the modern trends. 

Rear view

To the rear side, the car looks simplistic and neat with spread-out taillights, an elegantly sculpted tailgate, a shapely rear bumper and a roof-mounted spoiler placed on the rear windscreen. 

Tata Tiago rear and side look orange

The side and back of Tata Tiago

Tata Tiago gets praise for solid-built structure, strong body panels, as well as refined shut-lines. The exterior design of Tata Tiago has shown the successful attempt to renovate the traditional design of Tata’s cars.

Tata Tiago Dimensions

Refer to the table below for a summary of the Tata Tiago dimensions.


Maruti XL6


 3,746 mm


 1,647 mm


 1,535 mm

 Kerb Weight

 1,080 kg

 Ground Clearance (Unladen)

 170 mm


 2,400 mm

 Tyre size

 175/65 R14

 Boot space

 242 litres

As regards the size, the Tiago measures 3,746 mm in length, which is considerably longer than the Celerio (3,600 mm) and the Hyundai i10 (3,585 mm), which are two of its main rivals in the Indian auto market. The Tiago's wheelbase measures less than that of the Celerio by around 25 m while the Tata's height is dwarfed by both of its competitors.

Tata Tiago: Interior Review

The well-designed and spacious interior of the Tata Tiago is the most surprising aspect of the hatchback. The home-grown automaker has paid great attention to the passenger's comfort by making the Tiago's cabin as special as possible. 

Seating capacity

The Tata Tiago can accommodate up to five people. The front seats with small footwell and low headroom could be a little bit uncomfortable for tall people. But the driver seat could provide healthy driving position and function well with adjustable seat and headrests. However, the back seats will be somehow cramped to hold three adults.

Tata Tiago interior backseat

The backseats of Tata Tiago might be cramped for tall people.

The boot of Tata Tiago is 243-liter, which is bigger than Bolt but not as spacious as Grand i10 which owns a 256-liter boot. You can make more space for stuff by adjusting the back seats.

Tata Tiago boot space

Tata Tiago features spacious 243-liter boot.

Safety and security features

The Tata Tiago is equipped with a wide range of safety and security features including two airbags, ABS with EBD seatbelt warning, rear seatbelts, side/front impact beam, crash sensor, parking sensors, anti-theft device, etc. These features help ensure a safe and secure journey for both the driver and the passengers.

Comfort features

Black and grey are the theme colours, a little different from the traditional beige that Tata usually put on their interior. The material of the dash has decent quality and sleek looks, adding to the general eye-pleasing design. AC vents from two sides of the cars resonate with the outer colours. The driver could easily control the audio, phone system with control buttons attaching to the wheel. Through the tilt-adjustment wheels, you can read the needed information about distance, fuel consumption and time from two pods and a multi-information display.

Tata introduced the new interior colour palette of the Tata Tiago.

The eight-speaker system from Harman is obviously a worth-mentioning feature. It is an act of generosity from Tata. Hardly could we see such a fabulous, high-quality sound system from the same price range. USB, AUX and Bluetooth connection is available on the unit head; however, there is no slot for SD card or CD player.

Tata Tiago could be supported by Turn-by-Turn Navigation App and Juke-Car App. Turn-by-Turn is an offline map app which allows your car’s screen to display maps from your phone; whereas The Juke-Car App could help the audio systems to play songs from your phone via AUX-in or Bluetooth. It allows connections to multi devices (with a maximum of 10 devices at a time).

Under the sound system control tab is the AC control. Automatic climate control is not available; neither does AC vents in the backseat. However, the overall operation of AC systems is still decent and sufficient.

Tata Tiago Interior dashboard

Tata Tiago has a smart, excellent interior.

The cabin is also storage-friendly with various places for you to stack stuff, for example, the storages on car doors or around the gear. And don’t forget the glove box with cooling vent, where you could keep cold drink.

Tata Tiago glove box

There are about 20 storages within the car and here is the chilling glove box.

Generally, in comparison with the Tata Tiago's rivals, the interior of the hatchback is well-built with satisfactory features for a car of this segment.

Tata Tiago Performance: Engine Review

Besides the 1.2-litre petrol engine, Tata also offers the Tiago diesel. The 1.05-litre diesel Tiago is the only diesel car of its price range.  

Tata Tiago 1.2 liter petrol

 Engine Specifications

 Tata Tiago

 Engine Type

 Revotron petrol


 1,199 cc

 No. of cylinders



 85 PS


 114 Nm

 Drive Type



 5-speed MT/AMT

With Tiago petrol, the power is 85BHP@6,000 rpm; torque comes at 114Nm@3500rpm. The petrol car offers 5-speed-MT and AMT (automated manual transmission) variant. In comparison to the Tiago Diesel, the car hosts fiercer vibrations and louder engine sounds.

Tata Tiago diesel

 Engine Specifications

 Tata Tiago

 Engine Type

 Diesel diesel


 1,047 cc

 No. of cylinders



 70 PS


 140 Nm

 Drive Type



 5-speed MT

Owning 1.05-litre Revotron engine, Tiago diesel could be considered among the most powerful hatches within the price range. The power of Tiago diesel is 69 BHP at 4000rpm. It could deliver the torque of 140Nm at 1,800-3000rpm. The oil burner of the Tiago is mated to a 5-speed MT.


Tata Tiago 2018 engine bay

Take a close look at Tata Tiago's engine bay.

Tata Tiago riding and handling quality

Tiago’s above-average weight comes in the ways of its acceleration speed. However, it still scores higher than Maruti, Celerio and the Chevrolet Beat. One thing is, when revving, it could sound really loud.

With a considerable weight, the suspension of Tiago is justifying, there comes the handling too.

The car is comfortable for driving within the city with light steering enabling easy parking, u-turn drive. Outside the city, it moves stably, unlike light-steering Grand i10.

While both of its rivals, the Bolt and Zest, have the Sports setting, Tiago has only two driving modes – City and Eco. It is automatically on the City driving modes. To switch into Eco modes – which means the drive efficiency will be reduced 30 percent, you have to change in manually when starting the car.

For a closer look at how the Tata Tiago operates in real conditions, watch this video.

Tata Tiago Mileage: Is it fuel-efficient?

Fuel efficiency is one of the top priorities when auto customers choose their car, regardless of a new or a used one. Refer to the table below for a summary of the fuel mileage figures of the Tata Tiago.

Tata Tiago petrol


 Tata Tiago

 Fuel Type


 Fuel Tank Capacity

 35 litres

 ARAI Fuel Economy

 23.84 kmpl (MT/AMT)

 Top Speed

 150 kmph

 0 - 100 kmph


Tata Tiago diesel


 Tata Tiago

 Fuel Type


 Fuel Tank Capacity

 35 litres

 ARAI Fuel Economy

 27.28 kmpl

 Top Speed

 150 kmph

 0 - 100 kmph


The Tata Tiago offers decent fuel mileage for both of its petrol and diesel versions, which gives it a clear advantage over its rivals in the teeming Indian hatchback segment.

6. Tata Tiago 2018 Prices

The Tata Tiago is priced in the range from INR 4.5 lakh to INR 6,82 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

Variant Name  Price (ex-showroom, New Delhi)
 Revotron XE  INR 4.5 lakh
 Revotron XM  INR 4.99 lakh
 Revotorq XE  INR 5.35 lakh
 Revotron XZ  INR 5.39 lakh
 Wizz Edition Petrol  INR 5.49 lakh
 Revotron XZ(O)  INR 5.59 lakh
 Revotorq XM  INR 5.84 lakh
 Revotron XZA  INR 5.84 lakh
 Revotron XZ Plus  INR 5.9 lakh
 Revotron XZ Plus Dual Tone  INR 5.97 lakh
 Revotorq XZ  INR 6.24 lakh
 Revotron XZA Plus  INR 6.35 lakh
 Revotron XZA Plus Dual Tone  INR 6.42 lakh
 Revotorq XZ(O)  INR 6.44 lakh
 Revotorq XZ Plus  INR 6.75 lakh
 Revotorq XZ Plus Dual Tone  INR 6.82 lakh

Considering the top-notch features, the combination of both petrol and diesel motors along with various transmission options that the Tata Tiago offers, this price range is extremely aggressive.

For even lower-priced Tata Tiago, pay a visit to Tata Tiago used cars offers on IndianAuto.

Tata Tiago Colours: How many options?

The Tata Tiago is available in six colours, namely: Sunburst Orange, Striker Blue, Platinum Silver, Berry Red, Espresso Brown and Pearlescent White.

Tata tiago all color

Take a look at the colour palette of the Tata Tiago.

Verdict: Is Tata Tiago worth buying?

In general, the Tata Tiago is a well-designed hatchback with contemporary exterior design and a well-equipped cabin along with various engine and transmission options. Priced at such an aggressive range, this car is a good value for money and proves to be a formidable competitor against other hatchbacks in the Indian auto market

If you are interested in Tata new cars, pay a visit to IndianAuto.

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