10 Most Useful Tips To Do After A Car Accident

by IndianAuto Team | 29/10/2019
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No one ever wants to suffer from a car accident, but the unexpected just come and go. Check out this article to learn the most useful tips to help your decision better after being involved in an accident.

Did you know that there were around 500,000 calculated road accidents in India according to a 2015 research conducted by PRS India? Shockingly and tragically, these accidents killed approximately 150,000 people and injured roughly 500,000 people. But it will be more appalling when we count the deaths by day. Indeed, back in 2015, day after day, there were more than 400 victims whose lives ended because of road accidents. And until the present, the number has not seen a dramatic decline.

Nowadays in India, among the road accidents, car accidents are quite common because the roads and transport infrastructure are not properly invested, even some places became well-known thanks to a series of huge potholes. Besides, more and more customers have been taking an interest in the competitive and vibrant Indian automobile market, which means there will be a positive automobile sales growth and, in contrast, a negative increasing number of car accidents. Therefore, arming ourselves with essential tips to deal with a car accident is never redundant. And IndianAutos would like to provide you with good “armours” to help you protect yourself to the fullest.

An accident during smog on Yamuna Exressway to Delhi


Whenever you are involved in a car accident, you must stop and stay still in the scene, this is a legal obligation. Even if there is no serious damage or it is just a minor accident, you always have to stop anytime your car collides with something.

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Protecting and preserving the accident scene do not only make it easier for the police to investigate, but it also prevents further accidents. You can set up flares, or keep the flashers on to warn other road users about the situation. Moreover, keep in mind that during the time waiting for the police, the roadside assistance or someone coming to help, stay inside the car with flashlights on and park the car on one road side since these tips are all for your safety.

accident scene caution banner

You should not interfere when the police are investigating.


In terms of car accidents, one of the most important things to do is calling the police even if there shows no sign of serious injuries/damages. Because the insurance company may require a report conducted by the police when you file a claim, calling some officers to investigate the scene is highly advised.


At the time those investigating officers arrive, try your best to tell them exactly the situation. In case  you cannot remember all the details, tell the police all the information you know, even the most minor one. However, keep in mind that you must not misstate , guess, or speculate any information. In addition, you should know that there are injuries that take a long time to become apparent; therefore, you need to answer “I’m not sure” instead of a “no” when you are asked whether you experience any injury. Not less importantly, you must also pay attention to statements made by the other people involved because inaccurate reports are likely to harm you in different ways depending on the importance of the information provided.

a police is taking note

You have to tell the police the whole story carefully.


Nothing is more useful than evidence when it comes to a car accident. That is because if you have to sue, such evidence can benefit you in court. Or the evidence can be used to make your statement stronger when telling the police. What's more, it can also help you claim your insurance easier. Therefore, grab a phone, camera or anything that can take photos and record video. Then capture all the visible damages including the injuries on your body. You may take pictures before the investigation; however, when the police come and do their job, you should stay aside and just watch the accident scene. If you don't have time to snap some photos before they arrive, you'd better do it as soon as possible when the investigation is over.


Generally, after investigating, the police often give all people involved in a car accident a police report number. By using that number, you can get the names, phone numbers, and addresses of them from the state police. These personal information will help you or your attorney contact with those drivers and passengers in the future Typically, the investigating police officer obtains this information. Additionally, sometimes, you can ask for such information right away after the police finish investigating.

People are talking besides cars

Another way to collect personal information is directly asking the involved people.


As mentioned earlier, injuries caused by car accidents are not always immediately apparent. There have been cases where victims report starting to feel pain after a couple of days. No matter how serious the accident is, you should pay much attention to your body. In other words, only if you know exactly your health’s condition, you may not need to seek medical care at local emergency room. Keep in mind that minor impacts can cause severe injury to the spinal cord, or  they can result in cognitive issues.


Because many insurance companies require immediate reporting, you should inform the insurance company as soon as possible. And you should not forget to check whether your insurance covers certain medical benefits including med-pay. If you have such coverage, you will be asked to submit medical bills to the insurance company. When you use up your med-pay benefits, you may turn to file private health insurance claim.

insurance claim

Check your information carefully when filing an insurance claim.


Documents related to the accident are extremely important, so you must put them all in a protective file. In addition, it is advised to keep information such as the claim's adjuster, the claim number, contacts, and other expenses in the file.

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Obviously, protecting your rights is considered the most crucial thing. After suffering from a car accident, you should consult your attorney. He or she is the one helping you protect both the evidence and your rights; moreover, the attorney will also give you the best legal advice about compensation, medical care, etc.

a man is taking picture of two colliding cars

Taking photos is a brilliant idea to get more evidence.

All in all, no one expects a car accident happening, but in case there is, IndianAuto hopes these above tips will be useful for whoever reads them. Besides, if you are interested in such articles, there are many other similar practical tips and exciting stories awaiting you on the website. 

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