3 Used Modified Toyota Innova Models By DC Design

by Mohammed Burman | 14/11/2019
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Read on to discover three used modified Toyota Innova models that are customised by DC Design and are currently for sale.

Being one of the most popular vehicle modification studios in India, DC Design has customized many vehicles to make it more interesting or suitable for the buyer’s demands. A special lineup of the thoroughly modified interior known as the DC Lounge is also offered by the manufacturer was first implemented on the Toyota Innova and is claimed to modify a normal Innova cabin into that of a super luxurious vehicle. While the modification job can cost an arm and a leg, the result is quite amazing. Noteworthily, you can buy a used DC Toyota Innova at a much lower price than its original cost. Below we have compiled three modified Toyota Innova with DC Lounge which are much cheaper than their initial price.

DC Modified 2014 Toyota Innova at INR 12 lakh in Nagpur

The first in the list is the Toyota Innova in silver which is for sale in Nagpur. It is a modified 2014 2.5 G Innova variant and priced at INR 12 lakh. This MPV is equipped with multiple premium interior accessories such as driver’s private compartment, TV, recliner seats, foldable tables, ceiling ambient lighting, small refrigerator, inverter, and some exterior modifications, etc. The car has covered about 60,000 kilometres up to now and the third owner is operating it.

2014 dc lounge toyota innova silver front

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DC Modified 2016 Toyota Innova at INR 13 lakh in Rajkot

The next in the list is a 2016 Toyota Innova Crysta with a dark grey paint scheme at INR 13 lakh. This Innova Crysta has covered approximately 42,000 kilometres in Raikot. The number of its owners has not been revealed by the seller. Like other DC Lounge modified Innova cars, this one also gets a number of premium added features like the fully reclining seats and driver’s private cabin, etc. 

2016 black dc lounge toyota innova dark grey front

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Modified 2012 Toyota Innova at INR 13 lakh in Kozhikode

The last one is this white 2012 Innova which is sold at INR 13 lakh in Kozhikode. Up to now, the vehicle has travelled about 78,000 kilometres; however, the number of its owner has not been disclosed, either.

2012 dc lounge toyota innova white front angle

Above is a compilation of three DC Lounge modified Toyota Innova cars. Which one impresses you the most? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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