4 things that you should consider when buying a new family car

by Vivaan Khatri | 28/09/2018
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We all know one true fact that any family should own a car if they can afford one. Because of its convenience, you can take your whole family out for a vacation, trip, etc. However, the important thing you need to remember is that which cars will fit your family the most.

1. Dream big, but not too big:

As husbands/wife or husband/wife-to-be, you always dream of a convertible two-seat Lamborghini car and cruise around with your sweetheart. In fact, it’s a good dream. However, no matter how bad you want it to be true, you must keep your feet on the ground. A Lamborghini is good for two, but you will soon be a father or mother. So, you need to choose a car that can carry all of your kids inside. Fortunately, the manufacturers seem to understand it and have been releasing a bunch of cars ranging from sporty to casual. But you still need to look at the whole picture. You can’t buy a Maruti Alto for a family of five. It will be too tight and eventually affect the health of all the family’s members. One thing you also need to focus on is the price you have to spend. The payment doesn’t stop at buying a car but there are also some payments after owning them like repairing, gas filling, registration, etc. So, a wise customer is a practical one.

three women in a small car

A family car should provide enough space for all family member

2. Number-one priority, safety

We are living in the world that accidents can happen out of nowhere. In 2017, in India, the accident rate is among 100.000 population, there are 18 people die from car crashes. So, you will need to totally check for the safety features of the car you intend to buy.

The two standard features that a car must have are airbags and tether point. But don’t forget about the additional features recently added to modern cars. For example, the auto-braking system (it will help stop your car before hitting or going too close to the object in front of your car), reverse-parking camera (it will show you the road behind your car tail in order to help you safely park it), etc. Moreover, cars these days are also packed with 360-degree cameras which can show what cars are around you while driving. So, you will definitely pay good attention to the safety features of all the cars on your list. One of the best ways to do it is to go online, access to a trust-worthy car website and carefully check the specifications of your desired car.

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car cabine with six airbags

A car you should buy is a car has a sufficient amount of airbags

3. What is your main purpose of the car?

Make up your mind what you will mainly use this car for? Is it just only a short, comfortable road from home to work, school, etc.? If so, you won’t need to buy an off-road Jeep Regenade that will eventually burn out all the fuel in your tank. That not only limits the ability of your vehicle but it also will cost you a huge amount of money.

To choose a right car, you need to ask yourself some question. Where am I living/will I live? (To know the type of road you have to travel every day). How much money does this car cost on fuel? (To estimate the amount of money you have to spend on gasoline if you live at a tough-road area). Is this car big enough? (To make sure your family can be fine during a long trip if you have to drive on bumpy roads).

A silver off-road car on a dirt-and-rut road

Choose the car based on the road you have to travel on

4. Try your best to ask for a test drive

When you come to buy a car for your family, you should ask the dealer to give you a little time of test-driving. Because this is the car for the sake of your family, you will be the best person to become the guinea pig. Just don’t drive for too long or too far. You should ask the dealer for a test drive when it’s come to something very realistic. For example, if you think that the turning system of the car is not quite perfect, you can ask for a test drive around the area. Surely they will let you. In case you want to make sure you will bring the car back after test-driving, you can take the dealer with you. Two guinea pigs are better than one.

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A man is shown how to use car’s features on a test drive


Test drive can help you determine if you should buy a car

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