5 best tips for car maintenance in winter in India

by Vivaan Khatri | 07/09/2018
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It is advisable to be well prepared to avoid any car problems in winter. Here is a list of things you need to check to keep your car in great condition during the cold season.

So winter comes again, bring with it all surprising chills and shudders. Don't have a clue about how low the temperature is, as Indian climate conditions are brimming with shocks. Therefore, you should be up and arranged with all your winter apparatuses and stuffs to go up against that brutal climate. Your auto needs to prepare, too. Have you done what's needed to shield your auto from the unkind climate? 

A black car covered with snow during a snowfall

Winter turns out to be a nightmare for drivers

It’s great if you have already prepared your car in advance for any type of weather. If not, don’t worry, the following careful steps will ensure that you have a safe drive this winter. So why pause, take the below simple steps to guarantee a tranquil driving in winter.

1. Tyres

Tyres should be properly inflated and have the right amount of tread on them constantly. Especially in winter, it is frustrating to wake up and find your car with flat tyres. In that case, you might wish you bought an air pump that can run off the 12V power socket in your auto and can fill enough air to get you to the closest tyre repair shop without dirtying your hands. 

Tyres on a snowy road.

Take care of your tyres during winter

2. Battery 

Examine your car’s battery carefully to see whether it needs refilling or not. If yes, fill it with the right amount of distilled water. A strong battery will provide you enough electricity to start your car in cold mornings. If your battery has already been too old, replace it immediately to avoid being left stranded. Besides, it is a good idea to bring with you a pair of jumper cables, which will help you, or maybe any car user you come across during your trip, start the car in case the battery is dead.

taking battery out of the hood

It takes a properly-running battery to start the engine in the winter weather

3. Engine oil and coolant

Check the car’s engine oil levels before the cold comes. You should mark the time when an oil change is necessary. A wider-grade viscosity of oil (like 5W-40 instead of 15W-40 grade) can help circulate the oil in a cold engine faster. But before choosing another type of engine oil, ask an authorised service station for advice. Next, check the radiator coolant and refill if needed. The coolant keeps the water in the radiator from solidifying in extremely cold weather. It also warms up the cabin by warming the air from the AC ducts, which makes passengers comfy when sitting inside the cabin.

pouring the engine oil and coolant in to the hood

Engine oil and coolant needs to be recharged properly before the winter comes

4. Windshield wipers and washer fluid

Windshield wipers and washer fluid help you get a clear vision, especially on cold winter mornings. Check your wiper blades to see whether they are good or broken. The wiper blades should be replaced annually in order to achieve the best result. You should change them before winter or the rainy season. 

One more thing you need to check is washer fluid. Top up your windshield washer tank with a required amount of water, which can be a commercial windshield washer solution or dishwasher fluid. Shampoo is not recommended in this situation because it often leaves an oil film. Finally, ensure the washer nozzles are perfect by using a safety pin to clean and adjust the nozzle direction. 

A car with frozen washer fluid on windshield

Windshield wiper is necessary for your safety, especially in winter

5. Use the AC to demist windscreens

During the cool season, some people do not use the AC in the auto, which makes it does not work well when summer comes. In some old cars, hoses and joints might become brittle if not used regularly. Therefore, it's a great idea to use the AC to demist the windscreen. You should set the temperature knob to a warmer setting (or set a higher temperature in cars with climate control), turn the air-flow knob to the windscreen setting and turn on the AC. The AC dries the air and dehumidifies the auto, expelling fog development from the windscreen effectively.

finger putting on the AC controls in a car

You might run the risk of dulling your AC by not using it during the winter

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