5 Easy Ways To Sell Your Used Cars At A Better Price

by Mohammed Burman | 01/01/2019
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You want to change your car but have difficulty selling your used one. Read on to discover how to sell your used car at a good price.

At some points in your whole life, you might consider selling your car for a better one but selling a used car is never an easy task. Today, the Indian people tend to regard a car as a travel necessity instead of a luxury property, so the demand for used cars is increasing at a faster speed than ever before. While you, the seller always tries your best to sell it at the highest price, the buyers always make every effort to get it at the lowest price. Today, we are going to provide you with some simple tips which will help you get the best value for your used car.

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Properly Maintaining The Used Car Before Sale

Indeed, everyone wants to buy a car in good condition, even when it is a used car. To make your used car look “brand new”, you should give it a service from inside out. Firstly, it is the mechanical elements on which the car operates that need your most attention. You need to clean them and give them the necessary lubricant fluids regularly.

Regular maintenance with filter replacements and oil change can make you confident when the buyer asks to test drive your used car. Receiving proper maintenance, it will undoubtedly drive more smoothly and give a feeling of a new car. Besides making your used car run well, you can also make it look better by washing and waxing it before taking a photograph for sale or showing it to the buyer.

car servicing in India

Car servicing is essential in boosting the resale value of your used car

Getting Professionals’ Inspection

A car expert’s certified report is more valuable than a thousand words of yours. An inspection report of a car professional can help considerably increase your car’s resale value. Moreover, some of the car components such as car body, paint, USPs and negative points, if in good condition, can also help you have a better negotiation with the buyers. So, make sure to pay special attention to these visible car parts.

expert inspecting car

An expert's certified report can help you get a good price for your used car

Keeping Paperwork

Paperwork plays a critical part in getting a good price for your used car. Unluckily enough, not many people in India pay enough attention to the documentation of their cars. The essential documents you need to keep include

  • Insurance papers

  • Registration certificate

  • Valid pollution certificate

Moreover, other documents like the warranty on practical elements such as the batteries and tyres can also help increase your car resale price. Spare keys need to be available as well if you want to sell your used car at a high price. Keep these documents and these components handy can help you create an impression on the buyers that you are a responsible car owner.

Certificate of registration in India

Certificate of registration is one of the essential documents you need to keep to ensure a good price for your used car

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Saying No to Exchange Offers

Despite appearing to be appealing and convenient, exchange offers are never a wise decision. Auto manufacturers usually use the low-ball technique with additional “exchange bonus” to tempt you to make an exchange. They give you a much lower price as compared to what you can get from selling your used car. Instead, the best course of action is to separate the two transactions from each other and negotiate for the best deal when purchasing another car. This will help you get the best value from both transactions.

Maruti exchange Carnival

Many car manufacturers provide exchange offers, but it is not a wise decision

Not Soly Depending On Acquaintances As Your Only Buyers

It might be best to sell your used car to a friend, a relative or any of your acquaintances, which may give you comfort. However, every coin has two sides, and this is no exception. An array of issues might arise when you sell your used car to an acquaintance like delayed payments, unnecessary bargaining and constant complaints even when the car transaction is over. These can ruin your once close relationship, which is regrettable. 

large Indian family

You should not rely on your acquaintances to sell your used cars

In general, above are five tips that we want to introduce to you to help you get a better resale price for your used car. Make an effort to adopt scientific and professional methods to sell your used car which is always a daunting task.

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