Automatic Car Wash vs. Hand Car Wash in India: Comparison

by IndianAuto Team | 29/06/2018
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Automatic Car Wash vs. Hand Car Wash: Which one is better?

India, in today’s context, is a melting pot for the enthusiastic and glowing car business. Besides the main business of manufacturing and car trading, car washing business is increasingly booming and soaking a great sector of the car industry in India. Over the last fifteen years, as the numbers of cars have increased many folds, car users are more aware of their car's cleanliness, hygiene habits and the durability of exterior appearances.

Depending on the income, time, and other factors, the car owners can choose the automatic car wash or hand car wash on a regular basis that fits them the most. In this article, IndianAuto will analyze the pros and cons of the two mentioned types of car washing to deliver an objective comparison.

Automatic car wash

Automatic car wash

Hand car wash

Hand car wash

1. Used facilities

1.1 Automatic car wash

Automatic car wash uses an automatic machine for washing the exterior of the auto with or without human intervention involved. This machine has a conveyor system for the car to be passed through the washing area. Thanks to its convenience, it leads to an increase in the number of people using car washing service, which is driving the market for automatic car wash machine.

Getting far away from the old bristle-style car washes, automatic systems these days are now fully equipped with soft cloths and brushes to safeguard the paint finish and thereby, helps prevent the damage that is caused by improper hand washing.

Automatic car wash machine

Automatic car wash professionally cleans the car

1.2 Hand car wash

For a long time, washing cars by hand was the most conventional method. There are some certain tools needed to hand wash your car, such as a car wash brush or sponge, car wash soap, garden hose, soft cotton towels or automotive style microfiber cloths, car paint cleaner, car polish, liquid wax.

hand car wash at night

A D-I-Y car wash at home using simple products

2. Cleanliness

2.1 Automatic car wash

With regard to the cleanliness, automatic systems can effortlessly get to nooks and hard-to-reach places like wheels, fenders and the undercarriage for a more complete cleanning.

2.2 Hand car wash

Washing a car by hand allows the car users to make sure many parts of the car's body gets carefully cleaned. However, the places like undercarriage take a long and complicated process to get done, especially, place with a large estate. The typical household garden hoses are unable to generate sufficient water volume and hydraulic pressure to remove all the soap film from the finish of your car. And since garden hoses often fail to remove all soap film, the paint of the finish could be eroded by the soap that remains afterward.

Hand car wash

Hand car wash takes effort to get done

Hand car wash

Hand car wash gets some troubles

3. Time

3.1 Automatic car wash

An automatic wash will take only 5-10 minutes to complete.

Most professionals would make do with taking their vehicles to an automated car wash.

Automatic car wash

Automatic car wash takes some minutes to get going

3.2 Hand car wash

Whereas, a hand washing, even when being rushed, will take more than 20 minutes to up to a couple of hours to complete.

 Hand car wash

 Hand car wash wastes a lot of time to clean and dry

4. Effort

Hand washing obviously requires the intense application of muscle energy. On the other hand, automatic washing doesn't require physical effort.

Hand car wash

Hand car wash takes lots of efforts 

5. Cost

5.1 Automatic car wash

This method of carwash uses expensive, specialized machines. And even when you pay for washing at the nearest self-service car wash, the amount of money is nowhere near the price you pay for automatic car wash.

5.2 Hand car wash

The cost of supplies includes the cost of buckets, car wash soap, sponges, brushes, and chamois quickly adds up. Besides, a home washing also in need of a great water volume to make sure the car cleaned to the fullest. However, compared to automatic washing, it still costs less. Buckets and sponges used in car hand washing are cheap and can be purchased anywhere.

Hand car wash supplies

Hand car wash requires many kinds of supplies

6. Car safety

6.1 Automatic car wash

Most automatic washes will use either air drying or hand drying with a towel. These methods tend to leave extensive water spotting and exterior scratching. The same thing doesn't happen with proper hand drying with a clean, microfiber cloth.

6.2 Hand car wash

Washing a car by hand is a lot safer. If your car has some specific parts that you want to protect, hand-washing will be the better choice. Because you are the one to value your car most, you will wash it more cautiously and carefully than a cold-hearted and senseless car wash machine. In most case, handwash leaves your car no scratch at all.

Which is the best method?

After considering all these factors listed above, which method would you prefer? If you consider your car as a special companion, then hand washing could be a better choice. If you’re in a rush and don’t have a lot of time to spare, a car wash makes the most sense. Many car owners will use both options — washing at home with some car wash tips when they have the time and energy, and washing at a facility otherwise. Now, the choice is yours.

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