Which are The Best GPS Navigation System for Cars in India?

by Vivaan Khatri | 29/05/2020
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If your car is not originally equipped with GPS navigation system, you can install an aftermarket unit. IndianAuto will give you a list of the best GPS devices in India 2020.

One of the key features of cars is the GPS navigation system. However, some cars are not originally available with this feature so the car owners usually seek for the solution of installing an aftermarket GPS system for their cars. There are plenty of GPS device options available in the market, which might be confusing for regular buyers. IndianAuto will help you out with a list of the best GPS navigation system for car in India 2020.

What makes a good GPS navigation system for cars?

Before getting into the full list of the best GPS devices recommended for Indian car users, it is important that you know the determining factors that define the quality of a GPS system.

  • Mobile Compatibility: If the GPS devices can be compatible with smartphones, you can access the tracker data from your phones. Som tracker manufacturers provide phone application that provides a lot of benefits for users, for example, getting alerts and notifications as well as analysis of tracker data and more.

gps device on dashboard

GPS is one of the must-have features available on vehicles

  • Sending Alerts and Notifications: In case of any error or emergency, the alert and notification system will notify the car driver instantly. For example, the tracker will send you notifications when the vehicle entered the restricted geography area or if it breaks the speed limit. This system will allow the car driver to take instant action.

  • Active or Passive Tracking; The navigation devices that integrate both passive and active tracking can offer different usages. While the active tracking enables real-time tracking and shows the location of the car at the moment, the passive tracking allows you to track the entire journey by storing the location data on the device. The use of passive tracking will consume more data storage. This function is mostly used to calculate the travelled distance or checking a car’s journey.

  • Quality mapping: After all, the key feature of a GPS device is to provide optimal mapping. The GPS device should allow the driver to zoom in and out, providing different views of the area. In order to power this feature, the GPS navigation system should be equipped with accurate mapping.

List of best GPS navigation system for cars in India

AutoWiz GPS Car Tracker

AutoWiz is one of the best GPS navigation system for cars in India. This tracking devices garnered a lot of positive reviews from the users owing to its high reliability and fully-loaded feature list.


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autowiz tracker device

Autowiz is a highly-recommended GPS device for cars in India

AutoWiz provides a dedicated phone application which allows the car users to access different data collected by the tracker. Being available for both Android and iOS devices, this app also provides the trip report as well as the trip history. Additionally, the data of one tracker is not limited to one app user. Instead, it allows multiple users to access the data from one tracker. It also means that your friends and family can gain permission to track the location of your car.

To enhance the safety of the car, in case of car theft, the notification system will send alert to your phone. Other smart functions of the AutoWiz include the driver behaviour analyzing and car health report. Both active tracking and passive tracking are available on the AutoWiz.

Along with all these functions, the provider also offers the AutpWiz GPS tracker with 1-year warranty and a one-year SIM card subscription. The only downside of this vehicle tracker is that it is not applicable for bikes.

Acumen Tracker UC 900 GPS Tracker

Acumen is one of the top tracking devices for cars in India. This device also comes with a smartphone application provides both real-time tracking as well as the tracking record of the last 60 days. The mapping available on the devices is powered by both satellite map and Google street map.

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This app also allows the user to create a Geo-Fence and send notifications when the vehicle is moving outside the area. The remote control over the car is also available on this Acumen mobile. The Anti-Theft Alarm function will notify the car user when the engine is activated without authorization.


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Similar to the AutoWiz, this device also comes with a built-in SIM card with one-year subscription and one-year warranty. One special advantage of the Acumen GPS Tracker is that it is compatible with both cars and trucks. However, this GPS tracker does not provide device statistics or update on fuel consumption.

SAM GPS Tracker Device

SAM GPS Tracker stands out from the rest thanks to its aesthetical appeal. Apart from that, this GPS device is offered with water-proof features and high reliability.

sam tracker devices

SAM GPS tracker is well-designed and highly reliable 

It comes with basic functions like real-time tracking, passive tracking, Geo-fence notification and anti-theft alarm. Other advanced features of the SAM GPS Tracker include the driving behaviour analytics and other related statistics regarding the performance of the car. Moreover, to increase the safety of the car, this device also allows users to power down the vehicle remotely in case of theft.

About the after-sale service, the manufacturer also offers buyers with benefits like 1-year subscription for application and SIM card. Lifetime support is also available for the software.


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Sana GPS Tracker

Sana GPS tracker is a well-round product that is compatible with various types of vehicles. It offers basic functions like real-time tracking, trip history of the last three months, Go-fence, anti-theft alarm and notifications. In addition to that, this GPS navigation device also allows the advanced security functions like sending notifications when the car is towed away. In case the car is started without the car owner’s permission, the car owner can lower the power output. When the car exceeds the allowed speed, alerts and notifications will also pop up.

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This product is offered with some additional benefits like 1 year Sana App subscription and 1-year SIM card subscription along with a 1-year warranty.

Streetsmart GPS Tracker

Streetsmart is a special product on the list. Rather than being just a physical product, Streetsmart GPS Tracker also offers other services. ZICOM, the manufacturer of Streetsmart is the only company that provides 24/7 Roadside assistant and emergency support in case of break-down and accident. Notifications and alert will be sent in case of speed breaking, towing, Geofence, accident or car theft.

streetsmart gps tracker

ZICOM provides roadside and emergency support for its customers

This device also provides driving statistics and analysis of fuel consumption, speed report, battery and engine performance. When you buy a 1-year subscription of ZICOM service. After the first year, ZICOM will provide support service at the price of Rs 1999. However, the manufacturer does not provide warranty for Streetsmart GPS Tracker.

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