Some best ways to take out window tint

by IndianAuto Team | 02/10/2020
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Sometimes, owners have to remove their car’s window tint due to the state law. However, the most common reason is that it’s way too old and disturbed.

Everything must come to an inevitable end and so does your car’s window tint. After a long time, it will eventually reach its limit and start to create bubbles. Where were these bubbles coming from? Well, every tint has a thin layer of glue on it so it can stick to your car’s window. When that glue is getting weaker, it will start to fall, not at once, but gradually. Like acne, they don’t come alone. Once a bubble begins to pop, a bunch of others is going to follow. Bam! Your window tint now becomes useless. Most car owners will think about how to deal with that problem. And some of them will definitely think about peeling it out. The tint will be completely removed! However, the consequence is that you have to deal with a mess of glue left behind. A problem leads to another problem. But don’t you worry! We are here to give you some great advice on how to deal with window tint in the most effective way.

There are a lot of types of tint

Every tint has a thin layer of glue on it so it can stick to your car’s window

Solution 1: Thermal

  • Pros: Clean

This is the easiest way to remove window tint. Like everybody says, heat is the biggest enemy of glue. It works best with a steam cleaner. The heat will eventually soften or even melt the adhesive, which will completely separate the tint from your car’s window.

  • Cons: Costly

Now, some of you don’t have a steam cleaner in your house. Maybe you don’t even know what it is, or you don’t need it on regular basis. Because it isn’t multipurpose, a lot of people will hesitate to spend a good amount of money to buy one. Think thoroughly before any decision.

Step 1: Buy a clothing steamer. Although hand-held steamers are cheaper, steamers with a hose are still recommended because it can reach some cramped area.

Step 2: Use old towels and garbage bags to protect the interior of your car from the heat.

Step 3: Move the steamer around to spread the steam all over your window. Try not to focus on one spot because you need to soften the adhesive. You also should be careful. The heat can burn yourself too!

Step 4: Now when you feel that the window is hot enough and the tint is ready to be peeled. You can use your fingernail or a knife to peel it out (Easy not to scratch your window). It is best that you should start from the corner.

You can use steam cleaners to take out the tint

Steamers with hoses are still recommended because it can reach to some cramped area

Solution 2: Chemicals

  • Pros: Very effective

Do you know that window tint adhesive can be soluble in ammonia or alcohol? Now you know. Those chemicals are not so hard to find though! So, you can easily use them to eradicate the bond between adhesive. We know it’s hard, but some bonds have to be sacrificed for the greater good.

  • Cons: Dangerous

Ammonia is considered toxic to the human body. So you will need to follow some personal safety requirements to protect yourself.

Ammonia and alcohol can soften the adhesive

You can easily use Ammonia or alcohol to eradicate the bond between the adhesive

Step 1: Like you just read. The most important thing to do is protect yourself first. Get yourself a pair of goggles to protect your eyes. Face mask or respirator is the best choice to prevent the chemicals from getting into your body. Lastly, don’t let chemicals be absorbed through your fingers by wearing a pair of gloves to protect them.

Step 2: Before spraying anything, you must make sure that you have all your car’s interior protected. The best way to do that is using garbage bags, tarps, and towels.

Step 3: It’s time to spray! We would recommend using alcohol rather than ammonia because it’s less dangerous. The tint is not completely chemicals-proofed so you should be sure that the chemicals will do its job. You can spray directly into the window. However, you need to quickly apply newspaper and towels to the glass. This method is to help prevent the spray from quickly drying out.

Step 4: You should add it up to 3 or 4 layers of paper. Keep on spraying ammonia or alcohol to hold these layer up and keep them wet.

Step 5: The chemical reaction may take about 30 to 40 minutes to finish. So, your job is to make sure that the newspaper lays don’t dry out.

Step 6: After you feel that the reaction is done, you can carefully remove the newspaper lays and throw them away. Now, you can use a small knife to pick at a corner and peel the tint out. Make sure that you don’t pick by a fingernail to avoid chemical absorption.

Step 7: If the window seems to be a little dry while peeling the tint out, you should lightly spray the chemical to keep it wet.

Solution 3: Human Strength

  • Pros: Cost nothing but your time.

  • Cons: Not good for impatient persons.

Of course, with no help from anything, this solution will surely need a careful and patient man to do the trick. With a force of human strength, almost everything will be conquered, even if it’s a window tint.

Step 1: With a pointy knife, you can start pulling it out from its corner.

Step 2: To make it easier, you can use a scraper to cut the adhesive then take it out.

Step 3: This is where your system nerve will be tested. Under the human strength, the tint is so scared that it will only come off piece by piece. So, you need to be very patient to gain the final victory. All hail to the power of the hands!

The final (optional) step

If you are a meticulous person, you would love to clean all out the remaining adhesive after peeling out. This step doesn’t cost a lot except for some dish soap and a microfiber towel. You just need to gently rub on the windows and then wash them again with water or glass cleaner substance. Voilla! Now your windows are completely adhesive-free. Of course, you can leave your car’s windows like that or install some new tints! Your choice!

Soap and microfiber towel is the best combination

Gently rub on the windows and then wash them again with water

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