Brake First or Clutch, Tata Tiago Owner Explains

by Jatin Chhibber | 10/12/2020
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Here are a few braking and clutch usage tips provided by a Tata Tigor Owner. These suggestions should be kept in mind while driving a car in different situations. 

Driving a car or learning to drive a car is not rocket science. You need to know some basics of car driving before you proceed.
Most importantly, how you need to brake as one big problem, which many people face while driving a car is to figure out that when they need to brake or when they need to press the clutch pedal before braking. Here’s a recent video uploaded by a YouTube channel named as DDS. In this video, the YouTuber has explained to use the brake pedal in different situations with the help of his Tata Tigor. As per the YouTuber, there are four different ways to use the clutch and brake.


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1.   First clutch then brake
2.   Clutch and brake together
3.   First brake then clutch
4.   Only brake
The first situation is mainly applicable when you are driving the car in bumper to bumper traffic at the lowest possible speed. Always try to use the clutch lever first before pressing the brake pedal. Using the latter one first in this situation can damage your clutch plate or powertrain. In the second situation, if you are driving the car between 20-30kmph, and someone surprisingly comes in front of your vehicles like an animal or children. Then try to push brake and clutch lever at the same time. By doing this, your car will come at halt without turning the engine off. In the third situation, you first have to use the brake and then clutch. The third trick can be used while driving on the highway.



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On highways, if you maintain a speed between 80-90 kmph and then while braking first press the brake level and as soon as you reach the lowest possible speed of your vehicle’s 5th or 6th gear, press the clutch pedal. This practice will stop the car without turning the engine off. In the fourth situation, you only have to use the brake pedal. If you are driving the vehicle at 100 kmph and have to counter a few obstacles or have to take a slight turn. Then you can only use the brake pedal. In this situation, you only need to use the clutch pedal to change gears.

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