Buying Used Mahindra TUV300 – What To Look Out For?

by Mohammed Burman | 23/01/2019
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With a spacious and comfortable cabin, great practicality and quite a powerful motor, the Mahindra TUV300 is a good choice for SUV enthusiasts in the Indian used car market.

Because Indian auto buyers today have started to shift their perception of a car from a luxury possession to a necessary one, looking for a used car in the secondhand car market is not a bad decision. Despite some of the main problems associated with SUVs such as their heavyweight, gulp diesel motor and difficulty in parking due to the large dimensions, SUVs are still a favourite type of vehicles among the Indian people. Understanding the shortcomings of SUVs, Mahindra, the leading SUV auto manufacturer in India developed a car which will address all these problems, the TUV300.

Firstly, it measures under four metres in length, which makes it a compact SUV and resolves the parking issues. Next, it is powered by an efficient three-cylinder diesel motor, which solves the high- fuel-consuming problem. At the end of the journey, it still has the signature off-road quality of a Mahindra SUV, which leaves you with no worry about the vehicle’s capability to travel through bad roads. The handling and riding quality are good enough for travelling on crowding roads.

2018 used Mahindra TUV300 silver left view

A used Mahindra TUV300 is a good choice for SUV enthusiasts

Released in 2015, the TUV300 is available in seven variants. Under the hood of the vehicle is a 1.5L diesel engine which is good for a max power of 84 hp against a peak torque of 230 Nm and is mated to a 5-speed MT gearbox or a 5-speed AMT unit. If you are looking for an AT Mahindra TUV300 and do not mind a bouncy gearbox, then the AMT is a good choice for you. There are some factors which require your attention before you decide to buy a used TUV300 model.

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  • AMT warning light

You need to watch out for the AMT warning light, which can signal a broken gearbox. This problem might be addressed with an ECU software flash. Nevertheless, the warning light could also hint at a malfunctioned fuel module. If this problem happens to the TUV300 model you are considering buying, do not forget to have it repaired or avoid it. Moreover, remember that the TUV300 AMT variants have difficulty in dealing with hill-starts since the gearbox cannot hold and creep forward.

Mahindra TUV300 gear stick

An AMT warning light can be the signal of a faulty gearbox

  • Suspension system

You should also check the suspension system as it would help you not worry about the roads. If you buy a car with a flawed suspension system, you will have to change it for a new one. For your information, you will have to spend around Rs 6,000 on just replacing the front suspension.

  • Other basic damage

Moreover, you also need to check the other elements such as basic wear and tear which usually happens to the interior material and buttons on the infotainment system and power windows as well as the brake pads and clutch. These issues have been reported by some TUV300 owners and certainly need your attention.

2018 Mahindra TUV300 dashboard

You should also make sure that the dashboard of the TUV300 is in excellent condition

  • Maintenance history

A regularly maintained car is always a better choice than a vehicle which is seldom paid attention to. Steer away from tourist cars, which quite regularly appear in the secondhand car market. These models tend to have met with far more damage and are not in the best condition.

  • The price

The last but not least factor to consider before buying a used Mahindra TUV300 is its price. Normally, the price range starts from Rs 5 lakh for the base variant; however, a fully-equipped T6 variant can be priced at up to Rs 6 - 6.5 lakh. In 2016, Mahindra introduced a more powerful engine which is good for a max power of 100 hp and a slightly increased peak torque. The models with such engine are much better and can cost you about Rs 1 lakh more. The under-50,000-km top-spec variants can be priced at around Rs 7 lakh. If you have bargaining skill, the price can be decreased a little bit.

On-road price of a used TUV300 is from Rs 9 lakh to Rs 13 lakh, equal to the price at its launch. Therefore, a TUV300 which has been driven for two years and 50,000 km costing around Rs 7 lakh is a good deal. If you are interested in an AMT, the variants powered by the smaller 84hp motor are cheaper by Rs 1 lakh. A mid-spec T6 variant is also an affordable option with sufficient comfort features.

2016 Mahindra TUV300 side profile

With an on-road price range of Rs 9-13 lakh, a used Mahindra TUV300 is a sensible deal for an SUV enthusiast

  • For your information

Last year, a T10 variant of the Mahindra TUV300 was launched with new exterior design, an attractive dashboard with an upgraded 7.0-inch infotainment system, a black steering wheel, adjustable driving seat and faux-leather seat coverings. However, it mechanical specifications remain the same as other variants.

Refer to the table below for a summary of some facts about the Mahindra TUV300

 Years produced  2015-present 
 Engine  1.5L 3-cylinder diesel
 Power  100 hp 
 Torque  240 Nm 
 Mileage  18.05 kpl (ARAI)
 Maximum speed  155 kph
 On-road price when new  Rs 8.98 lakh upwards

Generally, the Mahindra TUV300  is a wise choice for SUV enthusiasts. It has an amber cabin, can easily deal with bad roads and is equipped with sufficient features to ensure a comfortable journey. However, it is not the vehicle for people who are looking for a luxury car which offers a pleasant drive.

2016 Mahindra TUV300 T10 red left side

The T10 variant of the Mahindra TUV300 was launched in 2016 with some upgrades in the design

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If you are looking for a used Mahindra TUV300, visit our website here and find the most suitable one for yourself. Do not forget to pay attention to the above factors before deciding to buy one.

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