Can Hand Sanitizers Explode If Left In A Car?

by Jatin Chhibber | 22/08/2020
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Hand Sanitizers can explode in car if exposed to the heat from the direct sunlight. US fire department has recently issued a warning and also shared an image regarding the same.

Recently, the fire department of the US has issued a new warning regarding hand sanitizers and it holds a lot of importance. From the past few months, people around the world are more dependent on hand sanitizers due to the current situation. Hand sanitizer has become a daily usable product and is used by every person around the world to prevent this deadly virus from spreading. Earlier, we’ve shown you several videos regarding car sanitization and how several automakers have come up with an idea to maintain the hygiene of your car, but recently a warning has been issued that the alcohol-based sanitizers tend to catch fire if exposed in sunlight for a longer duration of time during summers.


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The United States of America is among the most affected countries by this deadly virus. Here’s an image shared on social media by Western Lakes Fire District in Wisconsin showing evidence of a burned car door. They said that hand sanitizers containing alcohol are certainly inflammable. The post on Facebook says, “Keeping hand sanitizer in your car during hot weather, exposing it to the sun causing magnification of light through the bottle – and particularly being next to the open flame while smoking in vehicles or grilling while enjoying this weekend – can lead to disaster.”



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So, all of us need to take necessary precautions while carrying hand sanitizer. With the increased usage of hand sanitizers in many countries breweries, fin distilleries, fashion brands and so on have started producing hand sanitizers and face masks to meet customer demand. Moreover, one of the most luxury fashion brands Louis Vuitton is manufacturing hydro-alcoholic gel at its production facility in France. Since India is affected by summer for most of the year, we request our readers to carefully use alcohol-based hand sanitizers and try not to expose them to harsh sunlight and heat.

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