5 Simple Car AC Maintenance Tips You Should Know Of

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 17/02/2021
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Having your Car's AC working efficiently is really important. Here, we have simple Car AC Maintenance Tips to help you make sure your AC doesn't fail you in a hot day.

India can get very hot during the summer, from the humid and sticky heat of the west and eastern parts to the dry and searing heat in the northern and southern parts, there is no respite from the sun. In heat like this, a working air-conditioner in your vehicle can be the single difference between a good and bad day. This is why it is imperative vehicle owner should make sure their AC is in good order. Here is a short list Car AC Maintenance Tips you should know of to keep your AC in good working order. Starting with:


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AC Maintenance Tips

Car AC Maintenance Tips #1 - Ignoring signs of wear

If you want your AC to consistently cool your cabin quickly and efficiently, then you have to be diligent with its maintenance. Things like replacing the filters regularly and keeping proper freon levels are a must. It is a simple and obvious tip, but worth remembering.

Car AC Maintenance Tips #2 - Leaving your AC on when you turn the engine off

Switching on your AC upon start-up and before the engine reaches its optimal operating temperatures can bear an unnecessary load on the powertrain. Even running the fan while the engine is off can drain the vehicle’s battery over time.

Car AC Maintenance Tips  #3 - Using the wrong kind of car freshener

It is natural that you would want to avoid having to enter a smelly cabin, which is why a car freshener sounds logical. When buying a car freshener, you should avoid ones that leave a sticky or greasy residue. It can even worse if the freshener’s contaminants leak into the AC’s parts, which can lead to you having to clean or replace said parts more frequently.

Car AC Maintenance Tips #4 - Using it for too long

Using your vehicle’s AC for extended periods of tie can cause accelerated wear on your vehicle’s moving parts, and you also risk getting external pollutants into your cabin. It is best to avoid doing this as much as possible.


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Car AC Maintenance Tips #5 - Not using it often enough

On the contrary, not using your AC at all can also be bad for the system. This is because if the refrigerant and oil inside the compressor aren’t circulating regularly, the seals in the lines and in the compressor may end up drying, leading to refrigerant leaks. Not using the AC can also lead to moisture buildup in the AC ducts. To avoid this, you should run your AC for a minimum of 10 minutes on full blast every other week at least to prevent it from happening. These were a few simple Car AC Maintenance Tips to keep your AC in well working condition, and we hope they work for you.

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