Car Emergency Kit Checklist: 10 Useful Things

by IndianAuto Team | 22/01/2019
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Everyone needs a emergency kit to deal with their bad luck. Check out the most necessary things to carry in this article.

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There is a saying that things happen when we least expect them. Therefore, it is never useless to have an emergency kit in your car.  There are things that you may not even think of in the checklist below:

1. Car manual

If there is a booklet that tells you all about your beloved car, it must be your car’s manual. When you get it out to read a few lines of instruction, don’t bring it away in case you will need it out of sudden and could not find it anywhere in the car.

You can find  a lot of useful information in the manual such as the instruction to replace light bulbs, maintain tyre pressure on, and charge the battery. Besides, it also includes warranty information and how to deal with common car issues.

a car manual

Bring along your car manual is a great idea

2. Torch as well as spare batteries

Remember to always have a torch inside your car as well as some extra batteries. Doing this can helps you a lot if you get lost in the middle of the night and have to stop to take a look at the map; otherwise, you have to check it in the dark.

Moreover, If your car is broken down when the sky is already dark, a torch will truly help you get attention from other drivers so that you may have assistance, or at least, keep them from crashing into you. Additionally, according to psychologists, people are usually afraid of being alone in the dark, so having a little light on can truly help you calm to think of possible solutions for getting lost or running out of fuel in a strange road.

3. First Aid Kit

You don’t have to be a professional healthcare assistant, but you should have a  basic first aid kit in your vehicle and know how to use them. This would be a big help to yourself and other passengers if there is any force majeure. You can purchase a pre-made motoring emergency first aid kit or make one on your own.

Keep in mind that a first aid kit does its jobs best when you’ve received enough first aid training to use it properly. If you haven’t learned or don’t remember much of the steps, just take a first aid course. It is better to prepare for things in advance.

first aid kit

No-one knows what will happen when you're outside, be prepared!

4. Spare tyres and a pump

Keep compatible inflated spare tyres in your car and a wheel lever in order to change any flat tyre urgently. You may need to put a board beneath the jack stand if the ground surface is too muddy. Additionally, Using bricks is also helpful for wedging underneath the opposite wheel to give extra stability to your car when changing the tyre.

There are plenty of tyre inflators and pumps on the market, from the most portable hand pumps to the most powered ones. It is better to possess a simple pump your car. Beside the inflator, include a simple handy tyre gauge in your emergency toolkit as well. By doing this, you can check the appropriate pressure for the tyres. However, you can ask Car Roadside Assistance to help you change a new flat tyre; however, this only works when you have a phone and your phone has enough power to make a call. Otherwise, you will end up standing alone with your immobile car in the middle of nowhere.

5. High-visibility safety vest

Suddenly, you face an accident, your car is smashed, and you urgently have to jump out of it just because you have to. Prior to that, remember to put on a High-visibility safety vest. When you get out of your car and randomly fall somewhere in the middle of the road, wearing a hi-vis safety vest can minimize the chances that other drivers accidentally hit you.

A Safety vest is not too expensive and you totally can afford one. They are easy to put under your driver-side car seat due to its lightweight. Just a little investment and you can save your valuable life.

a man with hi-vis safety vest

A hi-vis safety vest will help you warn other drivers

6. Toilet paper

Our bodies have a lot of amazing mechanisms, but sometimes they can fail us such as the digestive system. Therefore, remember to have some toilet paper rolls inside your car. This does not only have you in an emergent situation, but this is also very convenient for dusting off dashboards, mopping up drink spills, or clearing condensation off the windows. Choose some fine three-ply rolls, try not to get the cheap ones.

7. Water

Water is vital and you should carry some along the way. This benefits you when driving for long distances and in remote areas where supplies are lacking. Besides, the more scorching hot the driving condition is, the more fresh water you need to bring along; don’t get yourself too thirsty.


water for long journey

Water is vital in every situation

8. Tool kit

It’s really necessary to know how to do some simple maintenance chores. Go get a toolkit and put these things inside it:

  • Vice grips

  • Work gloves

  • Screwdriver which has changeable bits

  • Shifter set, socket and spanner

  • Spark plugs

  • Needle-nose and regular pliers

  • Light bulbs and fuses

  • An old towel or rags

  • WD40

  • Extra fluids ( coolant and oil) for supplying your vehicle

  • Electrical Tape

You can purchase some available emergency car tool kits from local automobile retailers. Bring along one or two rags for dirty handjobs and have a bottle of hand degreaser to wash your hands after working with the car.

When your car cannot crank or cranks a bit, one of the common the reason is the battery. If you cannot call or wait for Car Roadside Assistance to come, the best solution you want to try is jumping your car.

Your car manual is supposed to have specific guidelines on how to safely perform a jump-start, so try to find the information and read it carefully. If you do it incorrectly, your car is likely to suffer quite serious and costly damages. Jumper toolkits or jumper cables are not too expensive.

9. Money

It is a really good idea to save some emergency extra cash in the car. However, remember to hide it well in order not to get the attention from opportunistic thieves. Bring along enough money for calling a taxi, buying necessities, or, refill fuel. Keep in mind that there is not always an ATM along the road. Moreover, if you think it is not necessary to bring extra money, then you know that bad things happen when we are not aware of them.



Extra money, extra aid

10. Fire Extinguisher

Last but not least, prepare a fire extinguisher in order to duel with, of course, some fire. Especially, when you have any small accident, try your best to put off the fire as soon as possible in case it will make your car explode and a fire extinguisher is your best option in this situation.

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