Car Hacks To Prolong Your Car’s Lifespan

by IndianAuto Team | 16/08/2018
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It is human nature to eke the most out of any means to serve their ends. To put it in perspective, a car is usually expected to have a fairly long lifespan and provide its owner with a consistently decent service which is not subject to how old it gets.

We’ve dedicated this log to presenting you car drivers some useful tips to preserve your car’s value and get stable performance.

car A/C’s right sideways view

The following are 05 easy tips which will save you a hoard in the long run and definitely buy more time for your car

1. Be more heedful of abnormal changes

Quite subtle to recognize at first, these irregularities range from the strange noise made by the AC to unexpected body lean. They seem to be negligible glitches at the beginning but will develop into serious problems being ignored. Spare time to attend to these abnormal changes the moment you realize something is off with your car, you will thank yourself later for that.

oil being poured into car oil tank

Weird noise from the A/C tends to be the sign of malfunction which needs to be resolved

2. Check the oil tank for refill or change

Needless it is to mention the pivotal role of oil for smooth function, a refill once in a while guarantees you a stable and decent operation of the car. However, old oil which has been mixed with dirt actually has counter-effects which prove to be harmful to the engine. Check the oil tank more often and consult your manual for the recommended oil refill schedule.

3. Set up a schedule to replace your air filter

Your car air filter collects dust and bugs after a while of being used, leading to excess consumption of fuel and causing disturbance to the engine. It is highly recommended to have your car air filter replaced once every 19,300 km of driving.

grimy car air filter being held by human hand in glove

The accumulated layers of dirt and dead insects on the air filter hinders significantly the performance of the engine

4. Have your car tyres fully-inflated

Again, it is always best to check with your owner’s manual for the accurate pressure level of the tyres. Underinflated tyres add up the more rolling drag on the car, leading to the engine wasting more fuel to win over the drag, brake failure and blow-out; overinflated tyres, meanwhile, are easily prone to have a blowout in the hot weather of summer. Driving with the four tyres properly inflated will prevent all the above-unexpected misfortunes and save you quite a bunch out of petrol cost down the road.

a blown-out car tyre

An improperly-inflated tyre is more likely to have blowout than an accurately-inflated one

5. Avoid leaving your car in the heat of the sun

Not all of us are aware of the sun’s harmful effect on motor vehicles. On one hand, such action increases the odds of the tyres blowing out during a drive; on the other hand, it exposes your exterior paint directly to the sunlight which in turn cause it to bleach over time, leaving the automobile with a dull and tattered look. Find a spot which has cover from the sun to park your car.

exterior car paint being bleached

The most obvious damage by the sun to your car is unsightly blotches resulting from paint bleaching

There are a lot of other things you can do like driving safely, having your car maintained every month, and consult your owner’s manual for the special needs of your car, etc. And that’s it, folks! Stick to those devices and your car will farewell to serve you with a significantly extended lifespan. 

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