Car Spare Tire Covers: Why you should use them?

by Vivaan Khatri | 05/12/2020
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Car spare tire covers will be incredibly helpful in keeping your spare tyre in the best condition and ready for use anytime. Here all you need to know about car spare tyre covers.

Besides serving the practical purposes, the spare tyres are also used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the vehicles. In some models, the spare tyres are hidden underbody or on the boot room. However, in others, especially in off-roaders and SUVs, the spare tyres are usually mounted on the boot lid. For these vehicles, spare tyre covers are highly important. It will shield the spare tyres from being damaged by the weather and other environmental factors. If might want to know more about the purposes of the car spare tires and how to choose the best car spare tyre coverkeep reading. 


Why you should buy spare tyre covers?

As mentioned above, the major purpose of car spare tyre covers is to protect the spare tyres from harmful environmental factors. Let’s us collaborate on the practical meanings of this car accessory in the below.

  • Sunlight and heat are the main factors that cause the degrading of tyre quality, especially when the tyres are mounted on the exterior. Without coverage, the tyres will be quickly damaged, and in the worst case, the tyre cover cannot be used when you need it most. A spare cover will prevent that from happening.

  • Besides from the sunlight, there are also several other factors that can affect the integrity of the wheels. The spare tyre cover can protect the tyres from dirt, wind, rain, heat as well. These factors are highly harmful to rubber quality and sidewall.

  • Spare tyre covers also minimize the chances of your spare tyre being stolen. As you might know, car thieves target at any part of the cars that is possible to be taken away. The spare wheel is one of the favourites for car thieves. A spare tyre cover, especially hardcover, can keep your car spare tyre secured. If you are living in a neighbourhood with security issues, using spare tyre cover is highly recommended.

  • In addition to all the practical meanings, the spare tyre cover can also be a styling accessory for your car. There are plenty of options in the market. Spare tyre covers are available in various forms and options, allowing the owners to personalize it to fit their tastes and styles.


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Two main types of spare tire covers

  • Hard cover: As the name suggests, the hard covers are mostly made of a stronger material like stainless steel or hard plastic. This product consist of a faceplate and a round ring locked in place. The hardcover offers a higher level of security than the soft covers. Moreover, the hardcovers can add to the rugged appeal of the car. However, spare tyre cover of this type will also cost you more.


  • Soft cover: Soft covers offer a quick way to shield your spare tyres against environmental factors. It is easy to install and available in a wide range of designs. Soft spare tyre covers are usually made of soft vinyl. Higher quality soft covers will get thicker layers, offering better protection. However, soft covers are less durable and do not last long as hard covers do.


How to choose a spare tyre cover?

Tyre size

Tyre size is the first and the most important thing you have to keep in mind when buying or ordering spare tyre covers. Make sure that the cover will fit the size of your tyres. You can check the tyre specs by looking at the code on the tyre wall.


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As introduced above, the spare tyre covers come into two main types, hard cover and soft cover. While hard covers are made mostly of steel or hard plastic, the soft covers are made of vinyl. You can consider the pros and cons of these materials to find out the most suitable and reasonable option for your car. It is good to

Interior layer

Spare tyre covers usually get an inner lining which offers an extra layer of protection for the tyre and secure the wheel in place. In some high-quality tyre covers, the tire can be made of fleece which can protect the wheel from damage and low temperature.


Having a warranty is also a bonus point for any product. It will provide a guarantee against any issue with the product. It will give the buyers peace of mind.

Tips for using spare tyre cover

  • If your spare tyre cover shows sign of degrading, you should replace it with a new one to prevent the cover from affecting the quality of the tyre also to ensure the best protection for your spare tyres.

  • Make sure the hard cover will fit tightly with your spare tyre, leaving no room for its to moving around.

  • Keep checking the spare tire cover frequently to make sure the tyre is safe from moisture and other factors. If you spot a sign of moisture or mildew issues, you should replace the cover with a new one.

  • Cleaning the spare tyre cover is also highly recommended. You should not clean the wheel with a super abrasive cleaner.


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