Complete Guideline On Cleaning Car Air Conditioning Filter

by IndianAuto Team | 07/04/2020
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This article is going to provide you with a complete guideline on how to clean the car AC filter. Read on to discover.

If you want to make sure that both you and other passengers can feel comfortable, safe and clean during the car journey, you need to keep the AC filter clean. However, you are not sure how to do this. Do not worry since this article will provide you with a complete guideline on properly cleaning the car air filter so that you and other passengers can breathe easily and stay cool inside your own car. You can also discover how to make your car's air conditioner effectively work by visiting IndianAuto.

What is the purpose of the car AC filter?

The air conditioning filter, or sometimes known as the cabin filter, serves the purpose of removing any contaminants from the air released through the air conditioning mechanism into your car so that you can feel comfortable during your journey. However, if the air conditioning filter gets dirty and gets clogged, it will not properly work or even stop working. In the next section, let’s discover some signs of a clogged air conditioning filter.

honda jazz car ac filter

The AC filter plays a great role in keeping the air inside your car fresh.

What are some symptoms of a clogged AC filter?

  • Not as strong air as usual: A weaker airflow is a sign that your AC filter needs to be cleaned. The dirty air filter does not allow the air to be released through it. Furthermore, it has to work much harder to keep the cabin cool, which means that the motors need to work harder and the fuel efficiency will be considerably decreased.

  • Not great engine output as normal: To run its blower motor, the AC system needs more electricity. A clogged cabin filter sometimes leads to the power being decreased when you turn on the air conditioner.

  • Dust in the cabin: This is really annoying for anyone who is allergic to dust since he/she can sneeze more. A clogged AC filter cannot clean the air and lets the dust be present in the cabin.


Harmful effects of improper uses of car air conditioner

If you notice one of these signs, it is time to clean the car air filter. If this is useless, you may need to replace it. Nevertheless, try cleaning it first.

clogged ac filter

Sometimes, it is even necessary to change the car AC filter.

How to clean the car air filter?

Below is a process that you can follow to properly clean your car air filter.

  • Removing the air conditioner cover: You can use the tabs that are already available with your car to pop out the AC; otherwise, you can unscrew them. Then, gently pull out the filter. You may need to unhook the clips that steadily accommodate it.

  • Checking whether the filter can be cleaned: Keep in mind that you can not wash or replace disposable filters by yourself. In this case, you need to drive to a repair shop to have a professional mechanic do this for you.

  • Sucking out the dust with a shop-vac: This will make sure that the dust will not spread around. You are recommended to do this outside so that you can breathe easily. Make sure that you do not press too hard to avoid damaging the filter.

  • Cleaning the filter: Fill a bucket with warm water which has been mixed with some safe liquid detergents. Submerge the filter into the mixture. Move it around so that it gets soaped up in the detergent mixture. Avoid using harsh tools to srub the filter since it can damage the filter. A soft gentle garden hose can also be used to clean the filter in the water. After around 15 minutes, take the filter out of the water.

  • Rinsing the filter: After spraying each side of the filter, put it in a mix of vinegar and water so that all the bacteria can be killed off. After that, rinse it under running water.

  • Drying the filter: The last step is to put it on some paper bags or newspapers to let it dry before putting it back into the car.

car ac filterYou should check whether the cabin filter can be cleaned or not.


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Why you should regularly clean the car air conditioning filter?

You should regularly clean your car air conditioning filter, ideally once or twice a month. The reasons for this are below.

  • Better health: It is important to clean all the dust and allergens from the car cabin, especially for those who have respiratory problems. This can be done by a good car air conditioning filter.

  • Better visibility: Sometimes, due to the foggy windshield, you can have great difficulty in driving and put yourself and other passengers in great danger. You can avoid this by keeping the car AC filter clean since poor air quality from a dirty cabin filter can increase the condensation accumulation on the glass.

  • Pleasant aroma: Dirty AC filter generates a dusty and musty smell that is sure to make you uncomfortable and want to roll the windows down. At this point, the air conditioners will be useless.

All in all, you are highly recommended to regularly clean up your car AC filter for your better health, comfort and safety. In the article above, we have provided you with the purpose of the car AC filter, the symptoms of it getting clogged, how to properly clean it up and the reasons why you should regularly clean it. You can clean your car AC filter by yourself at home. Nevertheless, have this done by a professional mechanic if you are unsure of your ability.

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