3 Correct Ways of Holding the Steering Wheel

by IndianAuto Team | 25/09/2020
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Holding the steering wheel is a manipulation that takes drivers all the time on the road; however, drivers hardly know or notice the way to hold the steering wheel correctly and appropriately. The article below will introduce 3 simple but very important techniques for drivers to be safe and proficient when hitting the road. They are adjusting the steering wheel, applying the rule “9 and 3” instead of “10 and 2” and pushing and pulling while turning the steering wheel.

Holding the steering wheel is a manipulation that takes drivers all the time on the road; however, drivers hardly know or notice the way to hold the steering wheel correctly and appropriately. Observing drivers’ body position behind the wheel by administrator is a part in the test vehicle, which lots of examinees wonder for its existence during the evaluation of examination. It is also indispensable in every driving license test because by doing this, the examiners desire a proper placement of examinees’ hands on the wheel. Why? Unpredictably, the answer is that the way of placing hands on steering wheel basically exerts a powerful influence on safety and efficiency of using vehicles. While driving, it is necessary for every experienced driver to be aware of their posture, body position and hand placement.

The examiner will expect drivers to:

  • Hold the steering wheel at the quarter-to-three position

  • Steer at the correct time and smoothly

  • Avoid crossing your hands over one another when turning

  • Avoid letting the wheel spin back through your hands when straightening up

  • Keep to the left normally

  • Avoid weaving in and out between parked cars

  • Obey lane markings

Let’s get started with the very first and basic skill of how to how steering wheel

1. Adjust the steering wheel

There are lots of stuff that need drivers to customize after getting on the car such as headrests, seat, mirror and even steering wheel. Nowadays, each car of any branch manufactured enables drivers to modify the steering wheel up or down to suit their height and feel comfortable while driving. Drivers can totally use a lever or handle located underneath the steering wheel, pull the wheel towards them or push it closer to the dashboard.

Adjusting the steering wheel

Adjusting the steering wheel fulfils a comfortable feeling during the journey

Both side mirrors and the rearview mirror should be carefully checked by being rotated from side to side to avoid blind spots so that there would be no obstacles when drivers look outside through windshield.


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2. Apply the rule “9 and 3” instead of “10 and 2”

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It can be denied that the way of holding the steering wheel is updated regularly, so currently there are some different techniques from those in the past. When thinking about the steering wheel, people imagine and apply it to the shape of a clock, and introduce simple ways to drivers. The technique “10 and 2” is popular if anyone learns to drive pre-1990 or before the advent of airbags, but it is, recent years, no longer recommended or introduced to drivers because it can be dangerous in vehicles with smaller steering wheels and equipped with airbags.

Old and new way of holding steering wheel

The position of hands on the steering wheel has been changed dramatically over the years

Moreover, many people feel suitable and comfortable with the position of “9 and 3” which is the explanation of placing left hand on the left portion of the steering wheel in a location of 9 o’clock and placing right hand on the right portion of the wheel where 3 o’clock is located. It is more preferable because it allows drivers to turn the wheel more easily.

The quater-to-three technique

The steering wheel is imagined as a clock and drivers should follow “9 and 3” technique


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3. Keep pushing and pulling while turning the steering wheel

The interaction between right and hand left is required when drivers turn the wheel. Keeping both hands to push and pull not only allows drivers to rotate the wheel correctly but also ensure a safe driving process at turning points on the road, at roundabouts or at intersections. Besides, it is also advantageous to turn the wheel in both clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Frankly speaking, most drivers underestimate the use of two hands when turning the wheel. They only do it with one hand, which is unacceptable in the traffic regulations. Push and pull method is supposed to be easier and more convenient to turn the car than crossing-arm method because of the airbag. Another reason against crossing arms when steering is that drivers have less power and control should they need to steer back the other way quickly.

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Steps of pushing and pulling the steering wheel

It is important to keep pushing and pulling the wheel when turning the car


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