Driving Test: Useful Tips To Calm Yourself

by IndianAuto Team | 08/02/2019
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Driving test examinees always worry about the trial they’re going to take. Read the following tips to be confident and pass the test!

Whenever you take a test, you have to prepare very carefully. Read these following tips to aid your preparation.

Place Your Trust On Your Instructor

Your driving instructor has been by your side since the beginning of your driving learning progress. Therefore, your instructor knows you better than you know yourself. To be specific, he or she knows exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are. What’s more, your instructor will not likely advise you to apply for the driving test until they are sure you are truly well-prepared. Although you have to register for the test weeks in advance, your instructor will make a decision about what to do before the test based on the accurate assessment of your capabilities during your driving learning process. If your test date is near and you still could not master the whole, they will either suggest extra lessons or advise you to postpone the date.


two men sitting in a car

Remember to always trust your instructor


Try to do a Mock Test

Like any other tests, during the driving test, you will get no help or extra instructions from the examiner except the policy announcement while taking the test. Lack of real-time coaching from an instructor can be difficult for some people, and this will increase the chance of not passing the test.

A great tip for you to experience what happens during your test without taking it for real is asking your instructor to provide you with a mock test. This will set you for good mood on the driving test date. However, if you want to take more driving mock tests, you can search them online, there are plenty.


road signs

A mock test helps you prepare for the real one


Getting nervous when taking a test is a natural reaction. Your examiners can know the differences between someone who is a nervous driver and someone who is nervous because of the driving test. Try to be as confident as you can and don’t let your worries beat you.

Besides, feel free to ask for instructions over and over again for a better explanation if you do not understand it. That is better than follow the instruction incorrectly, which may give you a minus in your test. While driving, If you feel that silence makes you anxious, ask your examiners whether you can switch on the radio to relax. They will likely approve your request, and many examiners are eager to help you get less stressed by chatting as long as the conversation is not interfering your focus.

Do not panic

Just like you and other people, your examiners were once driving learners; therefore, they know how disappointing it is to fail the driving test, and they will surely look forward to your success. Keep in mind what you are asked to do, and what is happening on the road and everything will be like a piece of cake.

If you make a mistake during your driving test, do not let the bad mood affect the rest of the test. Everyone makes mistakes ranging from minor to major, and there are few chances that you will make a big mistake if you are well-prepared. For example, If you hit a curb reversing around a corner, ask the examiners whether you can do it again. Everybody deserves a second chance!


a man panicking in a driving test

Try to keep calm as much as possible for the best result

Don’t Announce the Test Date

Telling people when you are going to take a driving test is not considered a really good idea. However, the high time to tell them is when you passed it. You can excitedly tear up your license plates and celebrate your victory with them then.

The Examiners are Not Your Enemies

The driving examiners’ responsibility is only to make sure that you are not cheating or driving dangerously. They are not supposed to trick you into making mistakes or test you with any knowledge that is not included in your learning. You will not be asked to do anything different from what you have done many times during your driving lessons. Therefore, take a deep breath and relax! You can pass the test with 99.99% confidence.

a woman and a man sitting in a car

Focusing on your performance is better than thinking a lot


Calm yourself on the driving test date

You can easily make yourself feel better by following these tips below:

  • Eat something, but not a lot. You may have an anxious stomach and do not want to eat, but feeling light-headed with a comfortable stomach is the most important thing for you. Sustaining concentration requires a lot of energy. Having a light breakfast or a few snacks will maintain your blood sugar at the right level and also help you to focus.

  • Take a short walk. Light exercise encourages your brain to release endorphins, which help to relax your body and calm your stress. A short walk around the local park in the morning before your test will make you feel better.

  • Avoid drinking too much coffee or other highly caffeinated beverages before taking the driving test. Instead of keeping you conscious, it may and stretch your brain and result in uneasiness.

  • Go to the WC! Nobody wants any discomfort during the test. Therefore, try to let “them” all go beforehand in case “they” will bother yours during your most crucial time.

  • Be punctual! Usually, you may be allowed to have a special lesson with your instructor an hour before your test starts. Accordingly, arriving late at the test centre is not proper behaviour. Being late will only leave you anxiousness and pressure which reduce your chance of passing. Therefore, keep in mind the starting time of the test and set alarms to control your time wisely.


small green car

You will soon get your license! Hurray!

The sole purpose of a driving test is to ensure that you know what you are doing on the road as a driver. Learning good driving skills is a continuous process that can take up to years after the moment you pass the test. Experience, confidence and problem-solving skills on the road is the fruit of lifetime learning.

To sum up, all you need to know is that your instructors and examiners are on your side, so be well-prepared and take the driving test. You will pass it!

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