Easy Step-by-step Guideline On How to Clean Car Front Glass

by Vivaan Khatri | 31/05/2020
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If you are wondering how to clean car front class. Follow the following step-by-step guideline.

A windshield is meant to protect the drivers and occupants from all the dust and objects coming from the front. For that reason, all the dirt and grime can easily accumulate on the windshield, blurring the view from the driver seat and lower the road visibility. Sometimes, it is hard to focus on driving if the glass in front of you is disgustingly full of dust. In this case, you should get down to cleaning. IndianAuto will give you the complete guideline on how to clean car front class, which will wipe off even the most stubborn stain.

dirty  windshield view

Always keep a clean windshield to maximize the road visibility 

Prepare the cleaning tools

The first thing to consider when you start cleaning the windshield is to pick up the right glass cleaner. For the sake of convenience, some people usually grasp the glass cleaner used for house-hold cleaning which usually contains ammonia among its ingredients. This should be avoided if you don’t want to damage your windshield. Ammonia could be harmful to materials like plastic, leather, rubber, vinyl as well as the tint on the car glass. Using water alone, on the other hand, is not effective in cleaning up the stubborn debris. It is recommended to use a specialized glass cleaner for car grass.

cleaning car windshield with glass cleaner

Picking the right glass cleaner for car is the first step of the cleaning

The best combo is car glass cleaner and microfiber towel which is considered the best clothes for cleaning. It holds more water and will not scratch the surface of the windshield like some stiff materials might do.

Finish all the cleaning for the car body

Cleaning the windshield should be saved for last. If you are going to do a whole car washing, you should start with the washing, waxing or detailing first before cleaning the glass. The glass is easy to catch dirt and residue from cleaning.

clean car hood with towel

Make sure you clean other parts of the car before moving to the front class

Find the right spot to clean your car glass

Some people would not notice this but it is suggested that washing car glass should not be done in the direct sunlight. The sunlight will make the glass cleaner evaporate quickly. It will not have enough time to resolve stubborn debris, thereby, lowering the effectiveness of the glass cleaner.

clean car under the sun

Do not clean the front car class under the direct sunlight 

We will start with the outside surface of the front class first. Before using any glass cleaner, you should make sure that the wiper is lifted up and the foot of the front glass should be cleaned as well.

Clean the outside of the front class

Spray the glass cleaner and use a microfiber towel to wipe off in the vertical direction. You should start from the furthest and move closer toward your side.

After finishing cleaning the glass by wiping up and down, now you can move the fabric in the horizontal direction, starting from the upper to the lower part. You should not move the towel in circular motions, which will leave a streak on the glass instead of removing it. Try to stick to horizontal and vertical direction when moving the microfiber towel.

clean windshield from outside

Let's start with the exterior part of the windshield first

Once you have done wiping off all the grimes and dirt in horizontal and vertical motions, you can buff the cleaning clothes in circles. Make sure that you will use a new towel to clean the front class the second time.

Clean the inside of the front class

To prevent the glass cleaner from dripping on the dashboard surface, make sure you cover the dash with towel or paper. To avoid messing the glass cleaner inside the car, you should spray the glass cleaner on the towel and use it to clean the inside of the front class. Add some squirts of cleaner to the glass if needed. You can carry out the same procedure applied for the outer part of the front glass.

clean windshield from inside

The inside area of the front class should be cleaned as well

Clean and replace wiper

Besides cleaning the glass, you should also tidy up the wiper as well. The whole class cleaning would go pointless if you forget to clean the wiper. A dirty wiper will drag all the dirt over the windshield. Also, take time to check if the wiper is working well or if it needs replacement. Worn and dried wiper should be replaced or else the windshield will not be taken care properly. On average, a wiper should be replaced from every six months to a year.

replace car wiper

Clean and, if needed, replace the wiper to make sure the front class will be in its best condition

The above is all the steps that you should follow to make sure that the windshield will be as shiny as new. If the mentioned procedure could not help the front class look cleaner, you should probably replace the windshield to ensure your safety. 

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