Fix Your Sunroof With 5 Awesome DIY Tips

by IndianAuto Team | 09/02/2019
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The sunroof of your vehicle is a prime place for breaks to show up. This article will show you few simple steps to fix it yourself.

While considering retractable sunroofs and the issues their proprietors confront, there is one issue that surfaces over and over: leaking sunroofs, especially inside sunroofs. It is really annoying to hear water dripping from your car rooftop, and water trickling over your head while it is raining or a vehicle wash is even more terrible. Luckily, settling a flawed sunroof is typically basic and requires only a few tools. Here are step by step instructions to fix a leaking sunroof.

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car sunroof

Car sunroofs need regular check and maintenance

1. Examine the seals around the sunroof glass

On a few sunroofs, it would be evident that the break is originating from the seals surrounding the glass of the sunroof. A split sunroof seal could be fixed up by using RTV silicone that is usually utilized in washrooms. Transparent silicone glue is normally the best decision, since dark or some other shading probably won't coordinate precisely. A thin dot of transparent silicone glue would basically vanish.

2. Check the drains

On the off chance that the seal isn't the issue, it's a great opportunity to see if the sunroof drains are stuck. This problem exists since sunroofs, designed to tilt over, are not totally sealed. Car makers all expect that water will drip along the glass, drop in the water tray which gets and keeps the water on the outside. Additionally, drain tubes, running inside the vehicle, ordinarily behind the C- and A- columns, through the port close to the ground, can get obstructed with soil, creepy crawlies, and different trash. At the point when the channels are stuck, they stop working, and water goes back to the water plate or even falls right onto your head.

water dripping

Nobody wants a leaking sunroof

You can resolve this issue with only a couple of instruments from your most loved vehicle parts or home enhancement store. We don't recommend utilizing a compressed air gun in order to clean these channels, since this may very well brush the drain tubes directly off the water plate, causing more complex problems. So, we suggest two strategies as follows.

1. Using Shop-Vac

Go to the store and buy 30 cm of thin plastic tube that is adaptable and little enough so you can put it into the dep fit in the drain of the sunroof. At that point, in the pipes area, you'll have to discover fittings to adjust the shop-vac to fit with the little cylinder. You most likely don't need to stress over glue, however you may need a clip to hold the cylinder to the fitting. At long last, utilize your shop-vac in order to clean the sunroof drains. Ensure that you vacuum some other debris and dust from the plate to keep this situation from happening once more.

2. Using Fish-Tape

At the automobile parts store, request a "universal" speedometer cable, normally under $10. This wound cable is sufficiently adaptable to twist in drain tubes of the sunroof, yet solid enough so it can push through debris. You should uncoil this speedometer link to get it down along the sunroof drain tube, tenderly curving and jabbing and pushing until the point when you relax the debris.

lubricate the roof seals

It’s simple to apply lubricant along the roof seals

These DIY tips will spare you time and cash. In any case, the most ideal approach to keep up your sunroof to keep issues from happening in any case. Keeping that in mind, it's a smart thought to clear the water plate as well as vacuum your sunroof depletes no less than two times every year. At that point, grease up those sunroof slides in order to avert wear and also binding. Keep in mind, if the issue has gone up until this point or the fix is too enormous, there's no disgrace in swinging to a believed proficient auto fix specialist for help.

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