Guide To Restore And Refresh Car Paint

by IndianAuto Team | 08/07/2018
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When your car paint is dull-coloured and oxidized, a completely new replacement will be extremely expensive. If you apply the following steps from, we assure that your car paint will always shiny and polished as the new one.

1. Causes of the paint degradation

The main reason for paint degradation is UV light from the sun which has the ability to make the paint fade faster than you ever think. Whenever you park your car under the glaring sunshine, your car is subject to harmful chemical reactions. In addition, the exposure to dirt and other environmental pollutants also causes problems.

Over time, if the paint layer is not properly cared, it will gradually fade. The car paint abrasion increases along with the appearance of white streaks, making your car look worse than ever.  

car paint degradation

Sunlight is the major cause  directly affects the car paint

2. Steps for refreshing the car paint layer

2.1. Car washing

Cleaning is the first step to improve the exterior of the car. You need to remove all the debris accumulated over the car. In addition, you need to remove not only dirt but also petrol stains, fingerprints, bugs, insects and all the small pieces stuck in the car.

Dishwashing liquid can help you solve these problems quite well. However, it is still best to use specialized detergents for cars. You should wash the car twice before coming to the next stage to ensure cleanliness.

car washing

It is important to clean the car first

2.2. Thoroughly removing the dirt on the outer surface of the car

In fact, car washing cannot remove all the dirt from the surface of the car. They consist of many elements coming from air pollutants, asphalt, over spraying paint, etc. Such dirt cannot be seen with naked eyes and may hinder the effort to restore the shiny paint for the car. Furthermore, these contaminants are usually persistent and difficult to remove.

car washing cleaning the paint

Thoroughly removing the dirt on the outer surface of the car

Next, you should buy a few clays to remove the dirt from the car paint. Clay is a material with the ability to remove dirt without damaging the paint and works best when it is mixed with clay lubricants (available at agencies). You need to follow the instructions carefully.

2.3. Renewing car paint

Find out if there are any damaging traces of paint on the car, such as a scratch. If such a small scratch only affects a little on the car paint, you can solve it with a polishing compound sold by any dealers.

2.4. Creating the glossiness for the car

You can choose some polishing compounds. You may consider purchasing a rotary or dual-action polisher as it performs better than the manual polisher.

car paint before and after

Creating the glossiness for the car

2.5. Applying sealant

After this step, your car paint must have looked much better, but you still need to maintain its durability with the car paint sealant. It is quite easy to use and helps to protect the paint for months. You can choose the sealant from the famous brands.

3. Car paint protection methods

If you are required to park outdoor, you can use the car cover to avoid the effects of sunlight and oxidation. Some people even use car coverings when parking indoor in order to reduce the accumulation of dirt in the car’s interior and exterior.

Direct exposure to outside environment will quickly oxidize car paint. After one year without any protection, the paint will become dull and rough.

Light oxidation is not really a serious problem because it can be solved by specialized compounds. Heavy oxidation with rough and completely tarnished paint surfaces may require a completely new paint. However, after reading the guide above, hopefully, you could find the solution to restore the glossy appearance of car paint even when heavy oxidation occurs. What’s more, you should wash your car regularly to remove dirt that can damage the car paint.

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